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Friday, 2 November 2018


Things I Learned On October 2018:
October 1, 2018:
  1. The new beginning of the month has been an amazing journey as few of our placement drives were in pipeline and soon she will get placed as well.
October 2, 2018:
  1. Life does not give us second chances, hence we must grab our opportunities as and when we see them.
  2. Life is an amazing teacher.
October 3, 2018:
  1. That amazing moment when your loved ones make you feel so much proud that your chest automatically widens with the respect for them.
October 4, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, we become a product of our own bad habits and it becomes very important to get rid of them.
October 5, 2018:
  1. Learning from your own mistakes sometimes, prove to be very costly.
October 6, 2018:
  1. That one moment when you come across situations when you want to do something but certain terms and conditions resist you from doing it. (P.S. No Swift No DZire)
October 7, 2018:
  1. That one moment when you realize that your whole Sunday passed while laying on bed doing nothing.
October 8, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, all doors appear to be closed but we should not give up on our efforts and keep hoping for the best.
  2. Life is better if we live it with an optimistic approach.
October 9, 2018:
  1. That one moment when you get a hope for some positive event and it happens way better than you actually expected.
October 10, 2018:
  1. People will be able to trust our words for longer time only when they see similar actions as per our words.
  2. Output is much important than input most of the time.
  3. Your efforts may not be appreciated if they do not bring any fruitful results.
October 11, 2018:
  1. It may not be about impressing others, but still it is important to get noticed by showing consistency in your performance. (Lesson Credits: Aakash Sir)
  2. That awkward moment when you get whatever you wanted from a long time but it doesn’t make you feel any better.
  3. Sometimes, it becomes really essential to find some smart ways to get things done instead of relying on your hard work.
October 12, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, your whole day passes while waiting for a call from your partner and you fail to concentrate on anything you do throughout the day and there comes a call exactly at the right moment when you come out of your office and there you go, she calls you and tells about how she is and asks you if you had your dinner. This is the best moment of the day.
  2. Life seems to become so beautiful when you know that your partner is going to start a new journey in her life.
  3. A sense of proud is realized when you come to know that she is going to travel all the way through the Sky in the flight all alone and she is bit nervous but very confident about her choice.
  4. “Bags are packed, tickets are ready and she is all ready to conquer the world with her hard work”, that’s the proud moment for ME.
October 13, 2018:
This was the day which ruined my life all of a sudden and turned into a turning point in my life as this was the moment when everything started to go all wrong in every moment. I could not realize that this would happen life this and things would take the direction of declining stars because it has only given pain to me since then. I do not know how to undo the things I said on this day because everything started to go wrong through this only. May be it is my straight forwarded nature or it is just my over thinking nature which has turned my life into a hell while living only. Whatever I have learned today, I will never forget in my life because whatever happened today will keep haunting me throughout my life.
October 14, 2018:
  1. That amazing moment when your loved ones are all set to begin their new journey and you are really proud of them.
  2. Happiness is seeing your partner walking through the doors of success.
  3. We may not accompany our loved ones everywhere in physical form but we can always let them feel our existence emotionally through our Love and support.
October 15, 2018:
  1. That awkward moment when the quality of your love is judged with your rude nature.
  2. Life knocks us down in its own way. Firstly it promises you to live your life considering the word forever, then suddenly a moment comes when holding on to someone is becomes more important than to take a breath.
  3. That hurtful moment when you cannot become a part of the happiness of your loved ones success on the first day of their career.
October 16, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, it begins to feel that you are losing everything that once belonged to you forever.
  2. Life really hits us from all the sides when our loved ones begin to treat her like we don’t matter to them anymore.
October 17, 2018:
  1. It begins to hurt a lot more when the behavior of your loved ones changes all of a sudden and they treat you as if you don’t exist anymore.
  2. An essence of any relationship is a priority. It really hurts the most when you realize that you do need come at the last point of the list of their priorities and you always kept them at the top of it.
  3. That awkward moment when it feels that everything that belongs to you will not be the same anymore because you don’t have any right over it anymore.
October 18, 2018:
  1. This was the day when the patience showed its powers to me turned me into a person that I never was. I stayed away from pain and sorrows for a very long time. Now, by failing the test of patience, I must pay the great price.
October 19, 2018:
  1. Surprisingly, the moment that was insisted by me was to get myself blocked due to unnecessary interruptions.
October 20, 2018:
  1. This was not easy to stay quiet and don’t act on my impulses but somehow I managed to do so because of the consequences that could have occurred otherwise.
October 21, 2018:
  1. Time and the situation has changed. Now, I must bring some positive changes in my personality.
October 22, 2018:
  1. That awesome moment when you see your loved ones after so many days and it makes you feel alive again.
  2. That one moment when you get a call that you had been waiting for over a week.
  3. The convocation becomes automatically special when your partner congratulates you for your success.
  4. “Straight trees are cut first” It is rightly quoted by the person whosoever said it. (P.S. Mobile phones, Water bottles are not allowed.)
October 23, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, a moment comes in our life when we realize that we cannot force ourselves to anyone’s life, nor we can compel them to love us if they do not want to.
  2. That awkward moment when your loved ones have to become rude to you just because they want us to go away thinking that they were not right. But the truth is that their plan will not work to the best rather it makes you feel more respect for them.
  3. I feel immense proud of my choice as the person I chose has gone beyond my expectations to give her family a first priority behind anyone in life.
  4. That amazing moment when you realize that everything will be fine within a span of time.
October 24, 2018:
  1. You cannot push yourself into someone’s life until and unless they want to be with you with the same enthusiasm which they showed when they met you for the first time.
October 25, 2018:
  1. We have cried a lot that there is no option to be sad anymore. Things will get sorted very soon and everything will be alright once again.
October 26, 2018:
There was a time when I had been waiting for an opportunity to correct my mistakes and make a situation better but the circumstances hit me so hard that I couldn’t resist myself from making new mistakes. It is getting harder for me to understand the actions of my loved ones especially because of lack of communication which has taken place between us. We speak sentences but barely understanding the situation of each other, this is not what partners do.
October 27, 2018:
  1. That awkward moment when the person with whom you decided to celebrate all the festivals is not even there to wish you on that day.
  2. Life shows us such a cruel days in which two persons are madly in love with each other yet they are not together thinking that the world does not want them to be together.
  3. It has become so hard for me to face this reality of parting ways that I am beginning to lose hope in almost everything.
October 28, 2018:
  1. That feeling of helplessness really kills when you badly want to talk to that one person but none of the means of communication seems to be cooperative in order to help you to talk to her.
  2. That awkward moment when you cannot let go of the most important person in your life whereas, they do not want to stay anymore.
  3. Life has taken so hard turn that I cannot handle this reality of parting ways with my loved ones without any strong reasons.
October 29, 2018:
  1. Every day has become a survival period without you.
October 30, 2018:
  1. That awkward moment when there is a lot of communication gap and there is no way to clear it.
October 31, 2018:
  1. That amazing moment when you both begin to understand each other in an efficient way.
  2. There is no good feeling to see tears in the eyes of your loved ones.
  3. That awkward moment when you are the reason for someone else’s tears.
  4. The decisions taken together are the best decisions.
  5. Things are a lot better now and they are sufficient to keep us both happy.

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