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Friday, 2 November 2018

November Begins!

November 01, 2018:
Beginning of the month is always amazing, it gives you a chance to take a fresh start not only with the month but also to work on yourself to make a better version of yourself.
I also got the chance to make my personality, a better version of yesterday.
Things I Learned Today:
  1. It feels amazing when you give space to your partner which he/she expected from you.
  2. Life provides us a platform to learn something new every day. Let's make us of it in a best manner.
November 02, 2018:
This is a day when I have let go of all the procrastinations and have begin to do what I had always been passionate about, and therefore will pursue the same to always keep a smile on the face of my loved ones.
Things I Learned Today:
  1. We automatically begin to feel positive when we know that no matter how far our loved ones are, their heart still beats for us.
  2. It feels amazing to do what you really love to do.
  3. Sometimes, we miss them so much that we cannot even text them to let them know how much they mean to us.

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