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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Things I Learned in the Second Half of September

September 16, 2018:

  1. You never know when you may face any health issues, it is better to have a back-up plan for almost everything.
  2. Student life never ends, as long as you are willing to learn every day.
September 17, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, it becomes important to create your own paths to get things done for which only you are accountable.
  2. That one moment when you visit a place where people’s thought process is beyond your imagination.
September 18, 2018:
  1. That one moment when you stop being afraid of your bosses completely.
  2. Sometimes, you have to choose a smart response to answer the queries of a national head.
  3. That one moment when you learn from others’ mistake so that you can have a better future understanding of certain situations.
  4. Life is amazing in its own way.
September 19, 2018:
  1. That one moment when you have to take some steps for yourself and you cannot deny your responsibility for self.
  2. That amazing moment when you realize that you have got a right solution to some of your genuine problems.
September 20, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, you have to wait for almost whole day to get things done in a right way.
  2. Life is funny in spite of the fact it gives so many dreadful experiences to a person.s
September 21, 2018:
  1. That one moment when you realize that nothing seems to be working in the right direction in order to bring fruitful results.
September 22, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, life gives you an opportunity to pursue your dreams by making us realize our true potential with the help of others.
  2. If you know that taking tension doesn’t help you anyway, it’s better to start doing what you really love. (Lesson Credits: Aakash Choudhary Sir)
  3. Reading gives you an opportunity to explore what you are not really aware of. (Lesson Credits: Aakash Choudhary Sir)
  4. Life is completely unpredictable. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Qismat)
September 23, 2018:
  1. Anger is one part of the story but that doesn’t give you a right to get angry at your loved ones.
  2. That amazing moment when you realize that your loved ones are extremely extra-ordinary.
September 24, 2018:
  1. Reading is a very important habit that everyone must develop in his/her life.
September 25, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, responsibilities at your workplace increases all of a sudden that you get no idea what exactly is expected from you.
September 26, 2018:
  1. Sometimes, listening becomes more important than justifying your actions.
  2. That amazing moment when you deliver good numbers at work.
September 27, 2018:
  1. It is very essential to have some patience if you really want to save your relationships.
  2. Life at work becomes very smooth when you have a supportive manager.
September 28, 2018:
  1. It’s really good to see through your opportunities and be aware about what may bring you good business leads.
  2. Politeness is what we expect from our loved ones, hence that is what we must deliver to them as well.
September 29, 2018:
  1. Impossible is nothing but a word if you believe in things that you can turn into possible.
  2. Sometimes, it is important to take a step for the betterment of your own health.
September 30, 2018:
  1. There is one such moment in your life when you realize that you must take action to bring your life on the right track.
  2. I know that things have been very difficult in the past few months but I have promised myself to become a better version of myself.

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