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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Way Back Home

April 22, 2018: The Way Back Home

Today, I was about to reach at home from Delhi. In addition, I had made some plans for two of my friends. Though I wasn't sure whether they would like it or not but I was certain that they will appreciate my gesture. To one of my friends, it might seem that it was a similar gift which I already gave few months ago but I know that I am going to gift it in a different way.
Things I Learned Today:
  1. It takes a lot of patience to hide a surprise from your loved ones. But somehow, you manage you to do it because you know it is important. (P.S. A surprise gift)
  2. It is not appreciable to poke somebody for the same reason for which they have already mentioned it to be inappropriate.
  3. When you are given an opportunity to perform, you must say 'Yes' to it, irrespective of whether you will be benefited or not. No matter what, eventually you will either learn or earn something. (Lesson Credits: MTV Roadies Xtreme)

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