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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

KPMG Placement Drive Day

April 21, 2018: KPMG Placement Drive Day:

Finally, it was the day that I had been waiting for a long time, however, I wasn't sure what was going to happen today but one thing was certain that whatever would happen, will happen for good. 
The moment I saw the written test of KPMG, I was very confident about it and I knew answers to all the 30 questions without making any guess unreasonably. Though I could clear the test easily but because of some of my mistakes I couldn't clear the group discussion.
Things I Learned Today:
  1. Sometimes, out of ignorance, you end up doing mistakes that you could have avoided. (P.S. Starting a GD)
  2. You must do what you feel right irrespective of what others would think about you. (Lesson Credits: Rupali Kumari)
  3. It is good to maintain good relations even with a seller. (P.S. Pinto, a book seller)
  4. Nothing is permanent. Not even your desires.

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