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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Back To Pavilion

April 23, 2018: Back To Pavilion

This was the first working day after the KPMG placement drive and I knew that people would ask about it but I was indifferent about it as I had a wonderful experience in the drive and realized that there is a power sitting above all of us which is making plans for us and is concerned more about our future even more than us. Yes, that power is God who is well aware about what is right or wrong for me.  This was the beginning of the last week at Lovely Professional University and I was pretty excited about it. 
Things I Learned Today:
  1. It is hard to concentrate on something if you do not have any intentions to do it. (P.S. Derivatives Test)
  2. That amazing moment when your teacher begins to share some wise lessons with you at the moment he realizes that it is a last interaction with you. (P.S. The last class with Vishwas Gupta Sir)
  3. He asked us to focus on 5 things in our life; a) Updating Yourself, b) Grooming, c) Savings & Investments, d), e) Parents.
  4. That amazing moment when you begin to take responsibility of your actions and stop blaming others for your failure.
  5. That peaceful sleep you get when you finish all your pending tasks. (P.S. All CAs finished today)
  6. That awesome moment when your partner understands your true intentions in a right way. (P.S. Juice Land Scenario)

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