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Saturday, 11 March 2017

March 9, 2017 - A Day Of Photoshoot.

A Day Of Photoshoot.

The day started with a look on my mobile to check the messages and notifications. The weather was surprisingly amazing with a coldness in it due to the clouds all around in the sky. The first lecture was of Operations and Productions Management and I was able to understand the whole topic that was discussed in the class. The classes went on, as per the daily routine with some new concepts in each. I again, had a conversation with Jatin Sani who shared some more details which can be required to achieve something big in life.

#Things_I_Learned_Today  (March 9, 2017):-
- You can learn new words but you must bring them to use to add them to your vocabulary.
- You can apply your mobile's password with a new word every week to build your vocabulary.
- Start thinking in English.
- Watch Hindi movie with English subtitles.
Thanks to Jatin Saini for the above lessons.
- Don't leave anything on tomorrow. (Lesson Credits: Rahul  Sharma Sir) (P.S. Main kuch kal par nahi chhorhta hu...)

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