March 8, 2017 - A Day of Business Benchmark Exam: - Things I Learned Today

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

March 8, 2017 - A Day of Business Benchmark Exam:

A Day of Business Benchmark Exam:

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I checked my mobile and there were many texts from her on my WhatsApp. I couldn’t stop smiling after looking at them with my half open eyes. The next thing I did was to reply for each of her messages. The only thing that was there in my mind was what should be the do’s and don’ts of the meeting. Finally I was able to bring some conclusion for various aspects and was ready to meet her right after the exam. When I was coming out of the Block 56 after giving my exam, from one of my faculties who asked me to meet him in my free slot. I decided to meet the girl I had been waiting from a very long time. After some minutes, when I reached Block 14, there she was, waiting for me in front of Newspaper Vendor. To my surprise, I couldn’t see anybody else but her. She was shining like a star but I had no words to express it. We went upstairs and started our conversation in a discussion room. It was slightly a moment where we realized that we might communicate more via chat than speaking face to face. This encouraged me to break the ice and talk about something. We talked for as long as 2.5 hours and still I felt as this wasn’t enough and even more of it was required. Even after some of the misunderstandings, we were able to manage the issues between us and continued chatting. We also made some action plans to keep this friendship very strong.
Things I learned Today:-
-          Be confident in the exam, you can do wonders.
-          Think before you speak if you don’t want to end up hurting someone.
-          That one moment when your heart governs your actions more than your brain.
Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood.

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