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Sunday, 12 March 2017

March 10, 2017 - A Disappointment In The Eyes Of A Teacher.

A Disappointment In The Eyes Of A Teacher.

At 1 p.m, we just had a class with Likhit Sir. All he asked was 30 minutes to study the topic which he wanted to teach us the topic of Syllogism. However, few minutes after he started teaching, some of the students, started talking with each other. He requested them many times to keep quiet, yet nobody was quiet for long. Finally, after the limits were crossed, Sir scolded the whole class and showed us where we stand, he shared the example of a teacher who recently got scolded by HOS for not having the good scores in the MTE. He taught us ways how we can deal with the rules and regulations and rise above them. He also made us realize that the value of marks stand nowhere in life until and unless you carry a knowledge of that level. I am having no words to face him, yet I really want to apologize from him for whatever happened in the class. I don't know why it went so harsh gradually but his intentions for the class were so pure and he wanted us to realize the importance of the true lessons of life.
After some minutes in the lunch break, I decided to send him a message to his Instagram in which I mentioned all my emotions and feelings with respect to that lecture. I apologized from him on behalf of my classmates and also separately if I did any mistake.
As I finished attending the remaining classes, I realized that there was still not reply and I will not be able to feel better until I meet him. So I went to his cabin and talked about everything that meant to be discussed. 
That's when I finally got relaxed.

Things I Learned On March 10, 2017:
- You must always respect the speaker who is presenting himself in front of you.
- It's really important to know in which field you are good at.

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