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Monday, 13 March 2017

March 12, 2017: Wisdom Unleashed: Two Webinars, One Thought Process.

Wisdom Unleashed: Two Webinars, One Thought Process.

The day begins when we open our eyes. Mine had already begun when I slept at 3 a.m. thinking all the stuffs I was supposed to do today. I started the day with writing which I love the most. I made a list of things I was supposed to do. However, even though I knew I made some unrealistic plans but still I decided to proceed further with them believing them as achievable. Then the reality started hit me, I started with washing clothes instead of watching Upgrad online course videos which I planned as the first thing to do. While I was washing clothes, I started feeling demotivated that I don’t rest at all and don’t remember when the last time was that I did. Suddenly, I don’t know what hit my mind but I smiled at a situation and realized that all my worries were vanished. I washed remaining clothes more enthusiasm as if I just gave birth to happiness.
After completing the task, I started with Upgrad Module 9, however, the buffering felt so much attached with my browser that it wasn’t loading the video on time. Meanwhile I opened the Facebook on my mobile. I came across one of the sponsored post regarding the 5 days course with the title, “5 Days to discovering the Purpose Course”. Without wasting any time, I enrolled for the webinar and they later recommended to take the personality test for 2 minutes. As soon as I completed the test, they sent a video link with the solutions to improve my personality.
This was over 12 minutes video by Michael Beckwith. In that video, he discussed about the two types of Actions: 1. Action, 2. Right Action and that right actions are Inspired Action in which you are guided within yourself pulled by an inspiration.
He later discussed 4 Stages of Spiritual Development:
1.      Stage of Victim: “Life Happens To Me” It includes Victim Consciousness. These are the individuals who believe that something is outside of them. The think what is happening around them is what determining their Destiny, Happiness, Joy, Prosperity and Health. They have a story how somebody did it to them, caused them pain, set up a road block, they live life with a permanent excuse about why they are not happy. Very less people take responsibility for their own life. As one begin to grow and unfold, they move in to stage 2.
2.      Stage of The Manifestor: “I happen to Life” It includes the manifestation consciousness. They learn the spiritual technologies of affirmation and meditation, declaration, originality. They allow you to grow regardless of past experiences.
3.      Stage of The Channel: “I Am A Vessel” It contains the concept of Channeling Consciousness. Life begins to go throw you. It operate you. You are opening, you are on flow. It’s not about your IQ but AQ, your Availability Quotient.
4.      Stage of Being: “I Am ONE” It includes being consciousness.
You are stuck, it’s time to go beyond getting motivation externally. It’s time to listen to your soul.

That short video appeared like a soup or should I call it like a starter before the upcoming food of knowledge which I was about to explore. Meanwhile the buffering of first video of Upgrad course was done so I started learning about the concepts of Working Capital and Capital Structure. As I was already aware about these topics, I opened my Gmail to check emails in which I found an email from Mr. Anil Singal about an update regarding the link to replay missed Webinar, “The 5 secrets For Creating Wealth”, I did nothing but put the video on downloading as the replay link might have expired within a limited period of time so I downloaded it.
Few moments later, I again opened the Facebook feeds for new updates, there I came across another free webinar by Mindvalley with a title, “Winning The INNER Game if Money” Masterclass. The trainer was Mr. John Assaraf. I did not care about the name as I just wanted to learn. As I opened the link, they asked me to choose the date and time as per my convenience, there was only time slot available for today i.e. 9p.m. and others were for March 13, 2017, however, I remembered the line quoted by Rahul Sharma Sir this week, “I don’t leave anything on tomorrow”. So I also decided to choose preferred time as 9:00 p.m. tonight. In contrast, it was the deadline for the submission of Upgrad Module 9 assignments but I felt that I will be able to manage it.
On the other hand, I don’t know why but I decided to start using my Twitter Account once again, so I followed some Influential Personalities, News Channels, Players, Politicians, Writers, Authors and of course friends from my Contacts List. Though I started receiving ‘Thank you for following’ auto-generated messages from many people, I replied to some.
In addition, I got a connection request from one of the Alumnus of LPU, Anjum Munir, I had some conversation with her regarding the Mathematics, Places and the Memories & Experiences of LPU. In addition, I also communicated with Krati, a Lettrs pen pal, regarding an urge to learn more and write poetries.
Somehow, I managed to complete up to the third last session of Module 9 by 7:30 pm. There was a thought in my mind that I must complete Upgrad before 9:00p.m as it was the time for the webinar to start. Meanwhile I got a text from Abhinav Anand on Facebook. I was surprised to know that he is also a Blogger. Before I could say anything, he praised for my posts and I felt good for the same. He later, enquired from me if I was aware about the Literary Events which are going to take place in our University. I felt interested to be a part of this event and asked as many questions as possible regarding the event and finally registered it. He was so polite in his approach that he mentioned he was scared of me but he later realized that I am a sweet person.
Somehow I managed to complete half of the second last session of Upgrad Module 9 by 8:50 p.m. Now it was the time to serve and eat dinner. I decided to serve dinner to the family members and eat later after attending the Webinar.
I started the webinar on time but somehow, could only manage to see till 10:00 p.m.
“Now, I am hungry”, my stomach yelled at me.
To maintain a good relationship with my stomach, I decided to pause the webinar so that I could have dinner.
As I finished eating, I realized that it was already 10:15 p.m. and my Upgrad module 9 was still left which had to be completed before 00:00 a.m. So I continued with my Upgrad module and I succeeded to finish it by 11:45 p.m.
After finishing this work, when I opened my Gmail, I found an email from MindValley regarding the things I could still watch which I missed by leaving early from the session, I changed my browser’s tab but could not find the link from where I paused the video. Meanwhile, I replied to the texts of Anjum and Krati. I also told them about the webinar I attended and the various lessons I learned from it. I was blank at that moment because they were hard to express within seconds so I requested them to wait for my post when I will share it with all.
Few moments later, I checked other browsers and different tabs, surprisingly I found the page where I left the session of Webinar which I finally completed till 00:45 a.m. of March 13, 2017.
It’s funny how I started my day by registering for one webinar and ended up being a part of another.
I hope that you were able to connect my day so far.
Let me take you to the Final Webinar which I was waiting for throughout the day and certainly, the wisdom which you might have been waiting, within this post.

Other Things I Learned Today:

-          Make a schedule and follow it. (Lesson Credits: Jasleen Pearl)
-          You must have a proper list of things that you must do on daily basis but that must be realistic.
-          You must be ready to express how you feel about something, especially the college or school from where you have studied. (Lesson Credits: Anjum Munir)
-          You must be aware of what is right and what’s wrong for you. (Lesson Credits: Krati)
Thank you for reading, 
Rohit Sood.

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