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Monday, 13 March 2017

Lessons Learned From A Webinar: “Winning The INNER Game of Money” Masterclass.

Lessons Learned From A Webinar: “Winning The INNER Game of Money” Masterclass.

 Mr. Vishen Lakhiani, the moderator started with an introduction of the Tutor, Mr. John Assaraf. Earlier, I did know anything about this person. To my surprise, the mentioned that it was the same guy shown in the movie: The Secret. He is the man, whose story is still in the minds of everyone who saw the movie The Secret.
Yes, you are right.
It’s the man who kept his vision board in front of his eyes and ended up living in the same house which he used to see every day on his vision board.
I never believed much in that story, yet I was always fascinated whenever it came in my mind.
Now, the moderator asked a question, “It’s really amazing how you have achieved your dreams in life but why all the 5 million people couldn’t achieve such a success like you did, with same techniques”
Wow! This reminded me of Sandeep Maheshwari video in which he discussed that it isn’t possible so easily. Now, he was right to some extent, yet it was time for me to listen directly from the person who actually experienced it.
John kept an acorn seed in his hand and said, “This seed has the potential to become a tree but only if it is given the right environment inside and out. He, then added the concept of Photosynthesis in it and made us understand how important it is to plant that seed in the right soil.”
“Similarly, we make some dreams in our minds but we let our external environment play with our internal environment and end up making us feel negative about ourselves that ‘I am not good enough, I am not skilled enough’ for such dreams.”, he continued.
He conveyed few more terms which will be discussed within the webinar:
1.      Internal and External Environment.
2.      Coherence and Physical Health.
The moderator came into picture and gave his own opinion about John’s explanations.
He shared a quote from Bill Gates, “We overestimate what we can do in 1 year and we underestimate what we can do in 3 years”
‘Beautiful’ and ‘Very Inspiring’, I felt.
He stated that people set random goals in their life, such as I want to be millionaire, rich or successful.
He gave us 5 steps of Goal Setting,
1.      How much cash flows you want to have and in which duration?
2.      What amount of savings you want to have in your bank account?
3.      What kind of assets you want to own?
4.      What amazing experiences you want to have, in the decided time period, which you can’t really afford at present?
5.      If you have all the above 4 things, how would you contribute to humanity?
Now, John appreciated the information shared by the moderator and later, shared a story of his life’s incident which is as follows:
“I belonged to a very poor family, my Father used to be a cab driver and used to earn very less but equally he was a gambler, he used to bet in Horse Races. One Day my cousin suggested me to visit Toronto with him. When I went to Toronto, he introduced me with one of his friends who was having a lot of knowledge of psychology and spirituality. I was really impressed by him.

He asked me, “What do you see yourself doing after 10 years?”
 I was just 19 years old and I had no idea what he was talking about. At that time, I was impressed by the life styles of rich and famous people, so I replied, “I would love to be a millionaire.”
He further asked me, “Are you INTERESTED in achieving what you just told me or are you COMMITTED?”
I was like, “What’s the difference”.
“There is a difference. If you are interested, you will keep making stories and will do what’s convenient. But if you are committed, if you upgrade your knowledge, beliefs. You will feel what you will need to feel. You will do what you will need to do.  And you will throw away all the stories, excuses out of the window and will start doing what you must.”
This sentence really made me understand why most of people were criticizing the movie THE SECRET because they never discussed this part, the action plan which is required.

"He asked me again, "Are you committed?"
"I am COMMITTED", I replied.
I still remember that it was May 1980 because it changed my life. He asked me to shift to Toronto so that he could teach me the life which I aspire to have.
I went back to home and told my parents that I have found a person, Alen Brown who has asked me to come to Toronto. At that time, we were not so rich.
Fortunately, they said, "Okay Son, we trust you and believe you."
On Tuesday, I went to Toronto and on Friday, he enrolled me to a real estate course.
I did not understand why he was doing so. Attending lectures 5 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the school which I hated it. 3 months later, I got my license as a real estate agent.
June 20, 1980, it was the first test and I passed it.
In addition, every day he made me sit on a chair and asked me to imagine all the things, that I wanted to have, as if it's real.
Negative thoughts kept flashing in my head for 30 days because I did not know what he was making me do.
After 45 days, I started feeling good about it."
He then shared additional information about how important it is to recondition our brain.
He said, "We have to condition and train our mind. Athletes train their brain. Astronauts train their brain."
I felt that he was actually making sense in whatever he was speaking.
"12 months later, I realized that I have earned 35000$ in that year. In the same year, my Father earned 10000$. I worked hard and equally, he reconditioned my brain.
I upgraded my self-confidence.
I upgraded my self-worth.
I upgraded my knowledge and skills.
He made me to learn to Make, Invest, Protect Money.
Nobody in my life taught me such things.
He taught me the advanced techniques of spirituality. 
I began to understand the potential in me. Thoughts used to flash in my mind that I did not have the skill to bring it out.
But I wanted it to happen.
There is always two angles to how we see things.
I found a mentor who was willing to teach me."
Finally, the moderator recommended us to have our goals in writing and stick them to a place where we can see them daily.
"Write your goals down and review them daily."
Two Types Of Beliefs:
Moderator asked the question from Mr. John.
Q. How do the two beliefs affect our abilities to achieve goals that we have never received before and what are these two types of beliefs.
Ans. John was carrying a dummy brain in his hand and started saying," See what happens in the brain when we set goals, we experience various emotions in it.
1. Explicit Belief: For instance, you have a dream to go to a vacation. Left side of your brain will say that it is possible we call that belief which you can declare. It's Explicit Belief.

2. Implicit Belief: It deals with a behaviourness. You say that,"I would love to achieve that goal."
But in your brain, there is a conditioned brain which carries all the experiences of your past. It says, "You are not smart enough. You are not good enough. You are not skilled enough. You are not worthy."
When those beliefs counter, Implicit Beliefs Reign Over Explicit Beliefs.
Brain require energy but it's not ready.
Because of the opposing beliefs in brain, we will not take action but procrastinate.
The whole key is to activate your potential.
We must retrain our Implicit Beliefs so that both types of beliefs go in harmony.
Coherence Happens When Both Implicit Beliefs Match.
We learn to have an emotional resonance. Beliefs are so critical and they create emotions. Hence, we must re-train our brain."

Now, the moderator came into picture and expressed his opinion about all this. He agreed with John and stated his personal experience about how a small negative incident in his life dominated his Implicit Beliefs for many years.
"My mother used to be a school teacher and then she retired after 9-10 years. So I had a great respect for the Teachers. My family took me to visit a rich uncle's house. The uncle came to me and grabbed my pant down started laughing at me. Since that day, I made up my mind that Rich People Are A##h**es.
Even after 5 years of starting mindvalley, I was earning less. I was earning less than what I could have earned by working in a MNC. Many entrepreneurs face similar situation in the initial years of their startups but I was having a feeling, 'Money Comes With Pain'.
See how a negative belief gets implanted in your life in just 1 minute incident.
Negative thoughts are 10000 times faster than positive beliefs so it's better to retrain the other part of your brain.
THE FEAR and Overcoming it:-
Q. What to do when that fear come in our life.
A. Brain is responsible for our safety. Let's say you have a goal to double/triple your salary. This goal release a dopamine in your brain and you feel good for setting it.
But the right cortex of the brain tries figure out the past experiences and informations. 'Can I get hurt while doing this? What if I try, I fail and then disappoint my family members?'
When you set this goal, a motivational circuit lights up within a minute. But when the question comes , 'Is It Possible?' You remember your past experiences about whatever you read or seen your life. Now the Fear Circuit lights up and you stop doing what you can do.
There are 50 types of Fear:
Some Fears are Conscious: They are only 4-5 fears.
Others are Non-conscious Fears: They make us feel unpleasant and we don't take action, we learn to stop.
Most of the people will not pass the emotion of fear. Fear hold them back. They will stay stuck because of that.
Q. What is Reputation Compulsion and what someone can do about it.
A. He started with the three things:
1. Safety First.
2. Conservation of Energy.
3. We learned beliefs, energy and perceptions.
With the habitual way of thinking and expressing life, we have developed a story in our mind which we expect. Therefore, we say to ourselves, "I am going to repeat the same patterns to conserve energy."
The new beliefs which we try to make takes place in our short term memory and mostly, end there only. Because the long term memory does not let us change and that's why people who win lottery lose their money within a short period of time. They spend on houses, cars, and many more luxuries until they realize that they have moŕe debts at present than what they were having before winning the lottery.
You must reset your brain and install new beliefs. However, the moment any deviation comes, you will repeat the patterns because it is easy for the brain.
Hence, there is 4R Process:
1. Recognize: We humans have the ability to be aware of things. Recognize how you are feeling right now. Recognize how was your behavior an hour ago or a week ago. No justification. No Guilt. Look and recognize your own thought patterns.
Now greet them with a smile. For instance, oh Wow, I have seen Fear. Woww!! I am not being productive.
2. Reframe: Learn some skills like Negative Self Talk.
For instance, imagine you have set high goal. You say to yourself, "I am excited but I am not good at it. I am not worthy enough."
But this thing makes you feel even more negative. Now try this:-
"In the past, I used to think, I was not good enough, but now I am good enough to achieve that goal."
 If you only say that you are not good enough, your brain will reply, "Okay."
Ask yourself a question, "Where that emotion came from?"
Now, imagine the little you, sitting on either side of your shoulders. Let's say, left side. Look on left side and tell to this little you who is sitting on your shoulder, "I know that's part of your past experience but I don't need you anymore. Thank you for serving me in the past, you can go now."
If you do that to your negative thoughts and any other negative emotion in the past which created you a pain. Let it go.

3. Release: Release the negative emotion, observe it. Take 6 deep breathes in 1 minute.
While explaining so he discussed something about the Neuro chemicals of stress in which we either freeze or fight.
Sometimes, stress is good for us to get things done.
So ask yourself, "Is that negative thought Serving me or Hindering me, Empowering Me or Dominating Me. Constructive or Destructive.
In this process of releasing, you become aware of yourself. 
4. Retrain: Retrain the brain with new beliefs, new perception, new skills, new behavior patterns. Just go it for at least 66 days and you will witness a change in you. These beliefs will be transferred from conscious to non-conscious.

You must create the right environment for your potential.
He also discussed something about the Neuro Plasticity Switch.
In addition, he said that earlier, he didn't believe if Affirmations work but later he realized that what matters is How we use the affirmations.

If you want to learn to how to do something, you can easily come to know about it.
‘How To’ is the easiest part. But to be able to get the right mind set is the hardest part.

‘You can burn the paper with the Sunlight by using the magnifying glass at one side of the paper. Some degree of focus is involved in it to create traction. Do things in right order. If you are spiritually good, but not good mentally, sophistically, then there is no use of it.
 At this moment, I realized that if we have a lot of potential within us but are not using in the right direction or at least in one direction, then there is no use of the same.
When you create a goal, you are receiving and transmitting signals to reach at different levels of your consciousness.
Getting Unstuck and breaking your financial ceiling.
People get in their comfort zone and remain stuck in it because the brain wants to keep them in their comfort zone. If you see a big dream, you have to pay the switch cost. When people buy a lottery, they get away from Rationalization, Justification. The key is to recognize such emotions and take the right decision. Create new pathways, have counter strategies.
-          Retrain Your Brain.
-          Upgrade Your Knowledge And Skills.
What is important to you in your life?
-          Watching TV, or
-          30 Minutes for your self-improvement.
I hope that you learned something from the above Webinar.
Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood.

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