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Friday, 17 March 2017

March 13, 2017 - A Chat And A Webinar That Made My Day:

A Chat And A Webinar That Made My Day:

A Stranger Who Guides You To Success.

It was 00:17 a.m. when I received a text on Twitter, “Hello there! A big thanks for being my new follower.”
“Hi, you’re welcome. I would really appreciate if you also follow and support me as well”, I replied.
She agreed to do and certainly, she did it within an hour, after which we continued chatting. She also expressed her passion for writing. Surprisingly, she had already some of my posts on Lettrs so she was aware about my interest in writing.
The moment she came to know that I am Punjabi, she told about her being an Indian. The hilarious part was when, to make up believe she used the phrase, “Achi baat hai”. In addition, I was amazed that she was able to know about me being a talkative person within only 20 minutes. She expressed her curiousness to learn new things especially the ones she adore.
Few minutes later, I came to know that she is a Taurusian which she expressed herself. I don’t know how but I became super-excited and kept typing one or the other thing.
“Calm down, Shaanti, Breathe”, she texted. (P.S. Now that was cute. So I literally followed her instructions and felt better.)
For some reasons, when I sent her a snapshot of my mobile. Before replying anything related to image, she recommended me to use the Night Mode of Twitter to save my eyes from rays of the mobile.
I was really impressed by her caring nature within a short span of time.
I shared with her about my experience of the Webinar which I attended that night. She talked about her country and its festivals, family and the languages she speaks. We continued chatting and now I feel that it was the first time that I had started witnessing a quality in a chat as otherwise we usually keep waiting for the replies on time but in this case, they were instants.
We had conversation over an hour until I might have slept unintentionally. After having a sleep of 5 hours, I texted her at morning. After few hours, we continued our chat and discussed many aspects from poetry writing, stories, being an understanding person, Lettrs and my experience of March 11, 2017. Later, she suddenly sent me a link: to help me improve my fluency and vocabulary of English.
Now, it was an another informative source of information which raised a question in me so I asked her,
“How can we schedule a right time to use the right apps, websites and other informative sources?”
She recommended me to follow discipline in my system and to maintain a right time table & stick to it.
The exact reply was as follows:
“Integrate discipline in your system. Make a simple time table and stick to it. NO MATTER what, but for a week see how it goes. Then slowly your brain will get used to it. Still if you want you can make changes and add more things to do slowly
Secondly a to-do list is a must. List of at least 5-10 things to do in a day. When you achieve most of them your brain will get satisfaction of having a productive day.”
She also suggested me to be less dependent on technology to increase my productivity. While guiding me, she also share her own experience with regard to the mobile, with me. Then we both discussed our dreams, passion and many more things.
(P.S. It’s to repeat the whole chat here.)
She finally suggested me few more sites like, and
By now, I was certain that she is a good person with an intention to share her knowledge and expertise. I am really thankful to have her as my friend.
Later in the day, I went to office, wrote my articles for 5-6 hours. After coming back to home, I attended a Webinar:”7 Deadly Sins of Productivity” By Michael Hyatt which was quite useful for me. Then I had to make one presentation which I started making. To my surprise, she agreed awake until I finish my presentation.
Sometimes, it’s really hard to find good friends but once you get them, they appear to be the best.

Lessons Learned From Michael Hyatt’s Webinar: 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity:

7 Deadly Sins of Productivity:
Sin 1. Manage Time.
Sin 2. Embrace Multitasking.
Sin 3. Track Obsessively.
Sin 4. Ignore Disorder.
Sin 5. Expand Access.
Sin 6. Respond Constantly.
Sin 7. Switch Technologies.
1.       Less Sleep does not guarantee productivity.
2.       We must not sacrifice our relax time or work on weekends.
3.       Law of Diminishing Hours always prevail.
4.       The enemy of good performance is tension.
5.       Time is fixed i.e. 168 hours a week but the energy is flex.
6.       We must not try to use the same time twice.
7.       Multi-tasking is a trap.
8.       We must not switch tasks as we lose continuity and it takes around 25 minutes to come back to flow of work.
9.       Do one thing at a time. There is a difference between being busy and being productive.
10.   When you are working, you can put your phone on silent or put it on do not disturb.
11.   Tasks which take less time, just do them, do not put them in your to-do list.
12.   Keep your study/working table organized.
13.   Disorganized workplace increases stress.
14.   Switch off the social media notifications.
15.   Your time is limited and finite, use it wisely.
16.   Make a list of people who need you the most and give them the time they deserve from you.
17.   Drop the ‘Call Me Anytime’ attitude.
18.   Have a fixed time for checking your emails.
19.   Have at least 4 hours of unresponsive time for your self-improvement.
20.   The concept of Shiny Objects Syndrome.
21.   By changing your technology frequently, you remove your productivity.
22.   Do great things with the like-minded people.
23.   Time management is the foundation of productivity.

Things I Learned On March 13, 2017:-

1.       You must try to stay away from technology to experience high level of productivity. (Lesson Credits: Sweedle)
2.       When you really want to do something, it remain in your mind until you do it.
3.       Sometimes, it's good to have distractions around, we tend to remember the unfinished tasks more than we do in case of finished tasks.
4.       Finish something, you will feel good.
5.       Lessons Learned From Sweedle.
6.       Lessons Learned From Michael Hyatt Webinar: 7 Deadly Sins of Productivity.

Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood.

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