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Sunday, 12 March 2017

March 11, 2017 - A Day With Full Of Guidance From Teachers.

A Day With Full Of Guidance From Teachers:

Today morning, after getting ready, I went to the bus stop and started waiting for the bus. It was a different time as compared to my daily routine, so I asked the bus arrival time from the girl who was the only one standing at the bus stop apart from me. After boarding the bus, I wrote a short story on the way to college. This story was for a short film which was asked by friend for her brother’s short film.
The moment I reached LPU main gate, I was about to enter the gate, somebody pat my back, I looked back and it was Jagdeep, I smiled and shook hands with her. She confessed that she thought I might have reacted in some way or might have got scared but I did the opposite.
She was carrying two bags, so I took her Gym Bag and we started walking towards the Block 14, while we were walking, we came across Rajnikant who commented as if I was going to Gym but I made him clear that I was going towards the class.
Later, we continued walking and she told me about their plan regarding the movie. She asked me to join but I refused.
Meanwhile, we reached near Mall, and I said bye to her as she was going to Gym where as I was having a class.
First Session was with Supernova Mam but only 5 students were present in our class so the management decided to merge the students group to one class for today. Finally, after everything was settled down, the class started and thankfully I learned few things in the lecture.
After attending the lecture, I went to have a Tea at Cafeteria. The next lecture was conducted by Mr. Ajay Khullar Sir and Mr. Rajeev Gupta Sir. Now this session is what I call interesting, It carried all the information one would want to know before entering into Sales work. They broke the ice and made us realize the concepts in a best manner.
Finally, in the lunch time, I went to meet Kapil Sir and requested him to give me some writing tips to improve my writing skills. He answered this question very easily.
“Sometimes, I procrastinate, I need some motivation”, I stated.
“You need motivation?”, he asked.
“Yes”, I replied.
He showed me a video, “Successful people’s daily routine.”, he was having a class so he gave me the title and I watched it in the same lunch break.
After having my lunch, I attended a session with Roktim Sir from whom I learned completely a different aspect I must say and it was really a helpful session.

Things I Learned On March 11, 2017:-

Lessons Learned From Supernova Mam’s Lecture:
-          You must always give credit to your Parents for wherever you are. (Lesson Credits: Supernova Mam) (P.S. She shared that he did her PhD only because of her Mother)
-          No matter in which situation you are, you must know how to tackle it. (Lesson Credits: Supernova Mam)
Things I Learned From Ajay Khullar Sir’s and Rajeev Sir’s Lecture:
-          Change the thought process, most of your problems will be solved. (Lesson Credits: Ajay Khullar Sir)
-          After every hour of lecture, keep at least 1-2 sentences in your mind for your self-improvement. (Lesson Credits: Ajay Khullar Sir)
-          Read Newspaper Daily. (Lesson Credits: Ajay Khullar Sir)
-          Interviewer himself has forgotten the topics studied in his Post Graduation. Try to include practicality in your every answer. (Lesson Credits: Ajay Khullar Sir)
-          He also recommended us to read ‘The Road Less Travelled’ by Dr. Peter Scott.
-          He quoted from book, “Life is difficult, the moment you understand, it becomes easy.”
-          Keep a target on your Interview in your mind. (Lesson Credits: Ajay Khullar Sir)
-          Opportunities will keep on striking. (Rajeev Sir)
-          He also gave an example of Joe Girard.
-          You must have self-confidence and justification for the choices you made in past with respect to your jobs. (Rajeev Sir)
-          Sales deal with numbers. Your numbers speak a lot about your performance. (Rajeev Sir)
-          Never think that you are incapable of achieving your targets. (Lesson Credits: Rajeev Gupta)
-          You must test your capabilities from time to time. (Lesson Credits: Rajeev Sir)
-          Pressure increases your level of performance. (Rajeev Sir)
-          It is our own mental block towards the sales.  (Rajeev Sir)
-          Give it a try before you make an opinion about anything. (Rajeev Sir)
-          Make your mind today. Tomorrow will be better. (Lesson Credits: Rajeev Sir)
-          He also taught us the concept of FAB: Feature Advantage Benefits. (Rajeev Sir)
They both made us realize where do we actually stand in life as most of us were not aware about our strengths our weaknesses. They broke the ice from our mind in a perfect manner by turning all our Myths down.
Things I Learned From Roktim Sir’s Lecture:
-          Roktim Sir recommended us to follow Facebook Page: MAD over Marketing and a website:AFAQS.
-          Roktim Sir recommended us to read the book by Kishore Biyani, ‘It Happened IN India’.
-          He taught us the differences between Perceived Value, Desired Value and Expected Value.
-          He shared a story of Micromax Founder: Rahul Sharma.
-          He showed us the advertisement campaign of Mini Cooper, British Startup: Pavegen, Beti Padhao, Beti Badhao. He also told us who designed that Add Campaign. Later he showed us an image of Add campaign of Bisleri and finally told us about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.
-          At the end of the lecture, he showed us a movie scene from Facing The Giants: The Death Crawl. After showing us the video, he stated that Teachers are the ones who guide us so we must learn from them as much as we can.
After attending all the PEP Session, I went to meet Kapil Sir to let him know that the video he recommended me was so awesome that I couldn’t resist myself to thank him for the same. The moment I reached there, he asked me, “What do you want to do?” I told him that I want to publish my own book and currently I am a blogger. We had a conversation for more than 20 minutes in which he gave me some directions and ideas which never think of, without him. He has shown me a way where I must move forward. I am sure that the conversation which I had with him will prove to be a turning point of my life and will make me a better person as  the inputs shared by him appeared to be life changing for me.
Things I Learned From Kapil Sir:-
-          We tend to appreciate the people who go out of their limits to show their kindness. (P.S. His Personal experience shared by him and the story has been shared after the end of the lessons.)
-          He shared a wonderful idea with me on which I can work to write my First Book.
-          He recommended me to watch the videos of Anthony Robbins and also the books such as Chicken Soup series.
-          He showed me a motivational video which really inspired me to bring small but consistent changes in my life.
Kapil Sir’s Personal Experience:
In the month of December, He was travelling to Mumbai with his family. They were 5 members but they managed to get 4 seats together and the 5th in a different compartment. He stated that the moment he sat down at his seat, he smiled at the gentleman sitting in front of him. He was from Italy and shared his personal experiences with the Sir. In the late afternoon, when the lunch came, Sir offered him a tea and along with that he had already ordered for food for whole family. The moment he was about to pay, the gentleman stopped him and said that he would pay. Sir denied and put out his wallet but realized they were only Rs. 2k notes and the bill was only for Rs. 365. The stranger did not let him pay and the Sir was completely impressed from him because he only took Tea and paid the whole amount for the order. Sir said that was really an amazing moment of his journey.

Thank you for reading,
Thanks & Regards,

Rohit Sood.

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