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Monday, 19 September 2016

A Speaker Who Push His Own Boundaries

A Speaker Who Push His Own Boundaries:
Like Every Saturday, we were having a guest lecture from a different speaker this week, Mr. Abhijit Singh Sir.
We reached at the venue at exact 9:30 a.m. and started waiting for him, however, due to some inconvenience, the guest lecture started at around 11:15 a.m., yet I did not give up and was still pretty excited to listen to this person.

As soon as he walked into the venue, I was very amazed to see his charming look in White Turban, He was well dressed for the occasion.
Finally, it was the time for his speech.
He began his speech with the statement, “Trust me guys, Campus Life is better than the corporate life.”
Without any question, I could agree with him completely. However, still my only motto was to observe him and squeeze out as many lessons as possible from him.
Though he spoke many general or good guidelines for life, yet they were quite useful lessons for us.
In addition, he suggested all the Freshers to do well in the summer internship because this is what they have in the absence of work experience.
I could see in his eyes, an honesty in what he was speaking, rather they were more expressive than his words. He did not brag about anything, was pretty straightforward about his message. He seemed like a person who is down to earth. It appeared to me that he used very genuine approach to inspire us, by asking us not to repeat the mistakes that he did.
As an example, he quoted, “Had I done better in my academics, I would have been working in a better organization.”
I would not like to comment anything on the above statement as he might be having his own reasons for the same. Yet I would really like to apply the wisdom that he shared with us.
While he was delivering his speech, I realized that there is never an elevator to Success, we must take stairs for the same. Hence, we must work harder to reach at heights.
(P.S. Moreover, at the end of the day, I saw him going back by driving his car by himself. This was something I don’t see usually.)
Some of the other lessons that I learned from him are as follows:
- A Good Speaker Never Ask Any Difficult Question From His Audience.
- People Don’t Need The Known Gyan, They Prefer To Learn Something They Don’t Know.
- If You Witness Something Wrong, You Must Raise Your Voice For The Same.
- You Must Be Self-Motivated To Inspire Others.
- You Must Work Harder Enough To Reach At Your Destination.
-          People May Not Agree With You At Times, But It Does Not Matter Until And Unless You Value Your Own Opinion. (Lesson Credits: Jaspreet.) (P.S. She Asked A Question How Aptitude Is Useful.)

-          You Must Focus On Improving Yourself By Gaining Knowledge Of The Subject, Marks Will Follow Automatically. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)
Thank You For Reading,
Keep Learning :-):-)
Keep Sharing :-):-)
Rohit Sood

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