17-September-2016 - Saturday Spent With Wisdom - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

17-September-2016 - Saturday Spent With Wisdom

Things I Learned On September 17, 2016:-
-          People May Choose To Disrespect You, It Never Means That You Are Any Less Than Them Rather It Is Their Nature. So Chill. (Bus Conductor Was Rude To Passengers.)

-          Sharing Is A Good Thing But Still It Must Be In Certain Limits. (Lesson Credits: Sagar Sahu)
-          We Should Include Every Member Of The Group While Having Conversation. (P.S. Jennifer Did Not Know Hindi Or Punjabi, But Still Again And Again, We Kept Coming Back To Native Language From English.)
-          People May Not Agree With You At Times, But It Does Not Matter Until And Unless You Value Your Own Opinion. (Lesson Credits: Jaspreet.) (P.S. She Asked A Question How Aptitude Is Useful.)
-          You Must Focus On Improving Yourself By Gaining Knowledge Of The Subject, Marks Will Follow Automatically. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)
-          It Always Gives Pleasure To Your Heart When You Show A Little Kindness To A Stranger. (P.S. Vacated A Seat For Old Lady. Helped Old Uncle To Pick His Heavy Luggage In A Bus.)
-          You Should Never Be Too Much Dependent On Any Person Or A Thing. (Lesson Credits: Mohit Sood)
-          Waiting May Be Necessary But It Shouldn’t Result In Wasting Too Much Of Our Time.
-          Procrastination Seems Best Only In Initial Stages But It End Up Becoming A Trouble At The End. (3 Hours Assignment Suddenly.)
-          If One Door Isn’t What You Really Want To Opt, Look For Other Opportunities. (Godaddy Vs Bigrock.)
-          People May Make Opinions About You, But What Matters Is How You See Yourself. (Lesson Credits: Jaspreet)
Some Of The Other Lessons That I Learned In This Guest Lecture Are As Follows:
-          A Good Speaker Never Ask Any Difficult Question From His Audience.
-          People Don’t Need The Known Gyan, They Prefer To Learn Something They Don’t Know.
-          If You Witness Something Wrong, You Must Raise Your Voice For The Same.
-          You Must Be Self-Motivated To Inspire Others.
-          You Must Work Harder Enough To Reach At Your Destination.

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