16-September-2016 - One Day, Ample Lessons - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

16-September-2016 - One Day, Ample Lessons

Things I Learned On September 16, 2016:-
-          Smile Is One Of The Wonderful Possessions You Can Ever Have. (Smile In Bus)
-          Giving Answer Is Good. But Asking A Question Is Also Important. (P.S. Girl Asked Me To Stop After I Came Out Of Bus.)
-          You May Be Right But That Doesn't Prove Others Wrong. (P.S.Minakshi Mam, Ahmad, And Me Were Right And Yet Were Having Different Opinions.)
-          When You Give Your Best Performance, People Start Noticing You Automatically. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina) (Punctuation Marks.)
-          You Must Learn To Say No. Prioritize Your Work. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir.)
-          Make A List Of Things That Are Pending And Keep Ticking Them Off As Soon As You Complete Them. Take A Follow Up At The End Of The Week. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir.)
-          Avoid Multi-Tasking.
-          You May Not Be Available Everywhere, But You Must Be At A Place Where You Really Want To Be. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)
-          Respect Everyone But Be Professional In Your Approach.
-          Ahmad Taught Me Time Management.
-          Planning Is Important, But It Alone Doesn't Take You Anywhere. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina)
-          Sometimes You Have To Say No To Some Opportunities To Say Grab Others. (Mindrocks Vs Website.)
-          Gossips Are Something That Won’t Take You Anywhere.
-          Talking To A Stranger As If You Already Know Them Since Years, Feels Amazing. (Whatsapp Chat)
-          Just Because You Get New Friends, Does Not Mean That You Must Forget You Best Ones. (No Talking)
-          Whatsapp May Yell At You To Come Towards It, But Always Remember That It Is Not A Person Rather Just A Thing, Hence It Won’t Mind Waiting. (Wasted Time On Whatsapp.)
-          Never Postpone Things To Future Because Future Is Already Carrying Its Own Responsibilities. (Coursera Work)

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