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Monday, 25 July 2016

The Day I Met With An Inspiration In Person

July 23, 2016:
The Day I Met With An Inspiration In Person.

I was at the engagement party and noticed one of the photographers standing near stage. He look little disappointed which was quite different from what I observed about him on previous day.
I asked him if something is wrong.
He replied,"I don't work for money. This is what I love and is my passion. I have a lot in mind for this party but now I have to do it later, because of the hussle and pussle among people."

I could sense his disappointment but did not have right words to say something further.
He continued,"I can even work for free if someone requests me the same but I must get a good environment to work."
All I could do was to smile on his kindness.

While talking to him, I noticed Enrique Wrist Band on his wrist and asked him if he was a fan of Him.

He smiled and said,"Well I am a huge fan of him and infact visited his Concert Especially In USA. His books are 822 in number and out of those 822 books, I have read all of them. I am not his fan because of his songs but for the kind of way he lived his life."

I was already certain that this guy really has a different perspective and learn faster than many others.

I simply couldn't wait to ask for his name and said, "What Is Your Name?"
"Divyansh Sood, I am also one of your relatives.", He replied.

I was glad to know that it would be a great opportunity to stay in touch with him in future as well.
Later on, it was also found out that he is just 17 years old. The moment I came to know it, I became his bigger fan as he simply proved to me that age is just a number.

I don't know when I will marry but aisi feeling aayi ke meri shaadi ki album bhi yahi ladka shoot and design kare.

It was a huge conversation from which he shared many lessons. Length has already increased your reading capacity so its better that I share further details personally, if you wish to acquire rest of the conversation.

I simply wish him all the joys and happiness which he deserves.
May he become Whatever he wants to be.
May God Bless Him.

Keep Learning :-)
Keep Inspiring :-)

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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