24-July-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 31 July 2016


Things I Learned On July 24, 2016:-
- Its the action, which makes a difference not intentions. (Lesson Credits: Ramesh Uncle)
- Spend Time With Like Minded People To Stay Motivated In Doing What You Really Want To Do In Your Life. (Lesson Credits: Ramesh Uncle)
- That Awesome Moment When You Put Others' Need In Front Of Yours And Still You Feel Good About It. (Food For Photographers)
- Sometimes, You Have To Stop Doing What You Are Doing At A Moment, When The Super Urgent Task Appears. (Pan Card Vs Adhaar Card Vs. RK. )
- When There Is No Plan In Command, Every Member In The Group Will Try To Put His Own Plan Into Action Where One Plan Must Prevail. (Shagun Hussle And Pussle)
- That Amazing Moment When You Eat At The End, After All Have Eaten Their Meals. (Breakfast)
- Everyone Feel Good On Their Praise, No Matter They Mention It Or Not. (An Inspiration In Person)
- No Matter Who Are, Never Ever Be Superstitious About Anything. Its Really Irritating. (3 Knots Vs. 4 Knots)
- That One Moment When You Take A Decision Which You Feel Right, Without Considering What Others Would Think. (A Visit To Palace.)
- The Moment You Try To Do Something In The Influence Of Anyone, Make Sure You Think Of Those Also Who Would Be Against This Opinion. That is The Moment When You Will Rather Decide To Listen To Your Heart. (Dark Beard Vs. Light Beard)
- That Awesome Moment When You Dance As If No One's Watching And Still You Enjoy Like Anything. (Carefree Dancing)
- An Artist Always Praises Another Artist. (A Praise For A Magician.)
- You Cannot Share Everything You Learn, You Would Also Not Want Anyone To Be Your Clone Or To Do What You Are Doing. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
- No Matter How Old You Are, Just Enjoy Your Day As If There Is No Tomorrow. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
- Its Not The Goal But The Journey To It, Makes All The Difference. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
- No Matter How Much High, Your Status Grows, But Always Stay Down To Earth. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
- Share Your Learnings With Others, Once You Have Applied Them In Your Own Life. (Lesson Credits: Anil Makol Uncle)
- Never Bring In Your Mind That You Are In An Unfair Situation. (Do This Or That)
- You Must Share The Benefits Of Your Possession With Others Who Don't Have It, But Can Avail Its Benefits By Your Help. (Car)
- Sometimes, You Have To Be Rude, To Get Things Done. (Leave Car Keys With Car.)

P.S.The wonderful person I met at a wedding.
The Conversation that I hard with Anil Uncle was quite amazing. He told me many good things that just hit the nail. For example, he said that he hardly use whatsapp for 2 minutes a day. I asked him how he manages to do that because when I use whatsapp, I chat with one friend for 20-30 minutes and meanwhile another person texts and I chat with them all. He said that he read a short story about a person who had 1000 friends in his whatsapp contacts and when one day he met with an accident and was on his death bed, only two persons were sitting outside ICU; his wife and kid.
This story shows a very true picture of the reality which cannot be neglected. It all depends on the mind of a reader, how he takes it.
He also guided me about various aspects of life.
We Danced together, had few selfies and a lot of fun.
He told me how much it is important to enjoy each day in your life. Meeting with him and observing him, made me realise how much amazing he is that still at this age, he has a young enthusiasm to learn even more. He is well qualified person with amazing level of mind set and deep knowledge in philosophy.
He made me realise how much it is important to keep an eye on our goal daily and still enjoy each day side my side. This conversation might have lasted for just 2-4 minutes, but the lessons he shared in lump sum, I will carry them for the rest of my life.

I Hereby thank to Anil Makol Uncle for all the lessons that he shared with me.
May God Keep Him Joyful And Happy Like He Is Now.
May I Get A Chance To Meet With Him Once Again To Keep Motivation Alive In Me, Forever.

Thank You For Reading,

Rohit Sood

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