23-July-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Monday, 25 July 2016


Things I Learned On July 23, 2016:-
- That Awesome Moment When You Are Cooperative With Others.
- That Awkward Moment When All You Have In Mind Is What People Are Wondering About You.
- Never Stop Your Work, No Matter How Many People Interrupt You. (Lesson Credits: Divyansh Sood)
- Never Feel Shy For Doing Something That You Want To Do. (Lesson Credits: Divyansh Sood)
- You Must Not Stop What You Doing, Just Because Someone Else Is Asking You To Do Something Else. (Dance Vs. Brownie)
- The Way You Do Your Work, Always Makes A Difference. (Clicking A Pic.)
- People May Say Negative Things About Your Way Of Living, But Never Give A Damn To Them.
- You Will Always Have To Pay A Price To Live Fulfilling The Needs Of Others. (Dance Vs. Brownie)
- You Always Have To Amend The Plans According To The Situations. (T-Shirt Vs. Shirt.)

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