13-February-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Saturday, 13 February 2016


Things I Learned On February 13, 2016:-
- It becomes easy to help someone when you imagine yourself in their situation.
- That awesome moment when you solve someone's problem within minutes.
- When Your Immediate Boss Is Not Present At Office, It Becomes Harder To Get Solution For Your Problem From Other's.
- That Awkward Moment When Your Honesty Doesn't Pay You Back.
- No Matter, If Someone Helps You Or Not, Just Learn To Solve Your Problems By Yourself When You Expect Someone Else To Solve Them For You.


It was the time of 6:30a.m. when I reached Office today, then I told Aftab to go for a tea break before our shift starts at 7:00a.m.
We came back at around 6:57a.m.
But slightly after 30 minutes, I sensed that I was having cold followed by a little fever and a pain in my throat. After next 15-30 minutes, I was sure that I was having a viral fever.
It was just 8:22a.m. and I knew that the whole shift uptill 4:30p.m., was still left. I felt like going to my apartment and come back after taking some rest, I put that thought away because I realized that ultimately it would be be me who would have to cover those deficit hours.
So I decided to go for another tea break at 8:27a.m., I was not feeling like eating something healthy, so I took biscuits with tea again.

Unfortunately, my team leader was on Weekly Off and my manager was  going to come at 2:30p.m.
Finally, at around 10:00a.m. I decided to discuss this situation with one of the other team leaders present there, they said that they have a medicine and would provide it in a minute, they kept me standing near them, 2 times for around 10 minutes.
I was pretty disappointed because all I asked was 30 minutes to go out to Medical Store and bring the medicine by myself.
Quite obviously, I decided to let it go and take the command of the situation by myself.
I went to that team leader and requested for a call to my manager.
I communicated with him and he allowed me to go there and infact said that he will himself bring it, if I want.
However, I told him that I would go by myself and will have a glass of juice too.
Finally I went to Chemist and then on my way back, I had medicines with a Mixed Fruit Juice.

Thereafter, I didn't take any break and completed my shift.
As usual, one of the customers, named "Kapil" became memorable for me.
He was having a problem of almost month old.
I decided to help him in a best manner. In the process of helping him, I found that the same person communicated with me on January 24, 2016 but still no action was taken on my previous request neither. Hence, I decided to provide him solution on real time basis.
As promised to myself, I helped him in a best manner and solved his issue within 25 minutes.

I realized that I may not be God to help everyone in the world.
But I am definitely a human being who can help at least some people.
I also felt that my day becomes even more beautiful when I realize that I was able to help at least one person on that day.

After office hours, I came to room. Pretty unusual but I took a nap of around 1.5 hours.
In this whole day long, I realized that I didn't eat anything other than biscuits, I didn't drink anything but 2 cups tea, 2 glasses of juice and water ofcourse.
Well it was already 10:18p.m. when I was waiting for dinner. When I was typing this article, at around 10:27p.m., finally the dinner came. Without completing my writing part, i just rushed to it and ate it. Now, I just had my medicines.

Its 11:08p.m., I guess I must go to sleep as I am already tired and pretty much sleepy.

Thank you for reading…

Keep Learning ☺
Keep Sharing ☺
Keep Smiling ☺

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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