14-February-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Monday, 15 February 2016


Things I Learned On February 14, 2016:-
- Same Solutions Cannot Be Provided To Different People.
- No Company Is Bad, Its All About The People Working In It, Its They Who Handle Company's Reputation. (Lesson Credits:- Prakash)
- In Train, you meet cooperative people and non-cooperative people. However, Non-cooperative people become cooperative, shortly after they understand your nature.(Lesson Credits:- Prakash)
- It feels great to Bring Smile on someone's face. (Lesson Credits: An Experiment By Me.)


I went to office quite earlier than usual because I had planned to leave early, for Delhi after office.
Meanwhile at office, I came across two customers with same problem. However, I had to provide them solutions differently with distinguished words and diversified actions.

At 3:02 p.m. I logged out from work as ofcourse it was Valentine's Day so I had made some arrangements to go out and treat myself. Though, I was walking solo but she was still in my mind and heart which didn't make me feel lonely. So I went to Rajiv Chownk (CP), followed by McDonald's and then Bangla Sahib Temple.
On my way to Bangla Sahib, I saw an old man sitting near his wheelchair vehicle and making people to check their weights.
Though I was aware about my weight, but still I felt like taking his help.
To my surprise, my weight was higher by 2 Kg. I gave him a note of Rs. 10, he was about to give me change of Rs. 8, I asked him to keep them, he smiled, I smiled back. I felt amazing.

Keep Learning ☺
Keep Sharing ☺
Keep Smiling ☺

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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