12-February-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Friday, 12 February 2016


Things I Learned On February 12, 2016:-
- A little sacrifice can make someone smile.
- That awkward moment when a fraud person asks for your help.
- Some people do not need help if they don't ask for it.
- Its easy to talk to a stranger, you just got to start a conversation. (A girl at PG)

It was not just another day but a day that brought me to a new experience.
I had a new hair cut.
I did video call to my family.
At office,  I went to my usual seat but someone requested me to sit somewhere else but without any delay, I said that's alright. It actually made her smile because she wanted to sit near her friends.

Later on, I was singing a song in my heart of the movie,"Sanam Teri Kasam", 60 seconds later when I looked at the LED in my work place, I found the same song playing on the screen, I was damn surprised. I believe that the Subconscious Mind has started showing its powers.
Later in the day, I came across someone who kept eating my brain for more than 30 minutes and that too, to take help in his fraud activity.
Well undoubtedly, that made me to act bit rude but I have no regrets for the same.
Apart from that I initiated a conversation with a girl at the time of dinner, it was easier than I thought.
Though I am still not aware about her name but it was a good start as I wanted to talk to her..lolz :-)

Thanks for reading patiently…

Keep Learning ☺
Keep Sharing ☺
Keep Smiling ☺

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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