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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Things I Learned In March

- Some people are polite, some are rude, kind hearted, etc. So never generalize the person or say everyone are same. ( Thanks to that sweet Aunty in bus).
- You cannot always go to the place where you want to reach, but rather God will send you to the place where you are supposed to help someone.
- Sometimes, Confusion becomes the reason for a loss of opportunity.  (Thanks to Vishal)
- Never touch someone without their permission before someone misuse it for their own benefit/objective. (Thanks to that rude Aunty in train.)
- That Awesome moment when you realize that you are the good luck charm of someone. (Thanks to Dev).
- Sometimes, its important to ask a question even if you know the answer already. (Thanks to Dev Sahu)
- Everything cannot be justified.  Somethings remain unjustified in life and you gotta live with that. (Thanks to Utkarsh).
- No matter what you think about yourself , but your closed ones always care about your respect or dignity. (Thanks to Shubham Sharma).
- Lack of concentration leads to doing something which is worthless. ( Thanks to Shubham)
- Never make fun of someone's personality because everyone have some qualities & disqualities. Respect them for what they are, instead of making fun of how they appear or their physique. (Thanks to Narendra Sir).
- People will speak/suggest you things based on their experiences but never let them make you feel that you are going to take a wrong decision when actually you are not. (Thanks Debanshu Sir).
- You cannot feel & completely understand all the experiences faced by a person by just asking from him/her. (Thanks to Narendra Sir).
- Some mishappenings lead to meeting a stranger of your field who can guide you well in life. (Thanks to Umesh Punia(a guy from train))
- In life, certain situations will come when people will attract you towards wrong path, make sure you don't let them spoil you. (Thanks to Umesh Punia).

- In life, you got to deal with people in different way at different situations and there's nothing wrong in it. (Thanks to Narendra Sir)
- Be little mysterious. (Thanks to Debanshu Sir.)
- Sometimes, Loss of opportunity proves to be beneficial for us. Because either we might get a better opportunity or the lost opportunity might have created problems for us.
- Keep trying and you will achieve what you want to. (Thanks to biometric machine :-D)

- Don't let your efforts be controlled within the limits of what you want. Rather free your efforts in such a way that they lead you to acheiving more than you actually desired. ( Thanks to Suresh Sir)
- Its not always necessary to make the other person agree with your point as it ll only lead to arguments instead in some cases.
- Bygones are bygones (Something which is gone is gone, there is no use in thinking how you could undo that). (Thanks to Rupinder Mam).
- Its better to give it a try instead of making negative assumption, it might happen your try will help you to get what you want to. (Thanks to Me).
- If you make fun of someone, make sure you let that person know it that you didn't mean it before they feel bad about it.

- Sometimes in life, you just panic without any reason. Make sure you don't.
- Listen to your intuitions instead of being ignorant and letting your time to waste for no reason.
- Complete what you have started before starting any other work. It ll not only save your time but also will help you to do a task efficiently.

- No matter we study more or less for exam. Our words after exam always will be, "ehvi padheya ehna".
- Your TRP is high when people need you.

- Ignorance results in wasting your extra efforts & time.
- Sometimes, You close your eyes intentionally for a thing you dont want to see.
- "Log kya sochenge wo bhi aap hi sochoge toh becchaare log kya sochenge", Debanshu Chauhan
- There should be no boundary to human endeavour. We are all different. However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do, and succeed at. (Stephen Hawking )

- The reason for us to be unproductive is majorly due to the distractions available around us such as mobile, PC, or other gadgets, etc.
- Keep yourself busy in productive work so that you don't involve yourself in unproductive talks..

Wow.. both the learnings are kinda related to each other :-D

- Sometimes, you need to alter your plans just for others. :-)

- Its really nice when someone help you without any expectation of reward.
- A small confusion in exam leads to the commitment of silly mistake which was not meant to occur at first place.
- It feels good to help someone knowing that they are not going to know that it was you who helped them.
- Lieing in business is not considered to be a lie. :-D

- A small phone call can also bring a smile on someone's face. :-)
- Your heart starts beating fast when you sense any kind of lose in few seconds. (Happened when I was completing my exam in last 25seconds :-D )

- You are likely to act little passive in the field you are less experienced.
- Faults are present everywhere in everything, its better to take best out of each thing instead of bragging about its faults.
- People care more for themselves, they don't have much time to thin about you, so stop thinking what they are thinking about you :-D

- Some Friendships are like that no matter how many pauses are there in it, but it doesn't effect your friendship :-)
- Our Life has become like the person in blue in this picture :-P

- Listening gives you more quality content to speak in future. ( Thanks To Ashwani Rai )
- Before you decide to break any rules, make sure you know them completely. ( Thanks To Vinayak Mishra )
- Govt. has made many health schemes for poor people, but major problem in delivering such schemes is lack of awareness among people about the same.
- If you really want to do something special for someone, distance is never a barrier. (Thanks to Ekjot Kaur)
-You grab more knowledge and learning by listening, not by speaking. (Thanks to Suruchi Mam )

- Apply your ideas without expecting the end results, success or failure of ideas will be revealed with time. (Thanks to Vivek Prajapati )
- Never hesitate to do something which have good intention and is for right cause.(Thanks to Prajapati ji )
- Not only humans kills humans, But Birds also kill birds :-(
- Putting some extra efforts just for helping others, makes you smile broader.
- Plans never get implemented unless you are serious enough to put your plans into action.
- Its important to fight for the thing you actually want.

- It feels good to understand someone even if they don't tell you anything about them.

- First Things First, that's how you gain dedication in work. (Thanks to Diksha Koul )
- Get ready for your college first before you use whatsapp or Facebook so that you don't get late by wasting time on them.
- There is no age for learning provided you are willing to learn. (Thanks to Deepika Mam )
- There are different people with different views, but you need to handle them calmly. ( Thanks to Shivani Kanwar Mam)
- No matter where you go, your responsibility towards work travels with you. (Thanks to Rahul Attri Sir)

-When you put efforts without hoping for others to help you, you will put more efforts in that case as comparison to when you are dependent on others.
-Sometimes, you don't need or expect anyone to appreciate your work as you yourself feel satisfied from your efforts.
- That awkward moment when you give wrong answer in class with full confidence :-D

- Do not beat around the bushes, Answer only that what is asked in the question, it proves to be beneficial :-)
- If I spend time worrying about the thing which is going to happen in future, When I will do the thing I am supposed to do at present.?!! (Thanks to Movie Tevar :-D )

- Members of group in the firm must agree to one common point of the discussion otherwise either the work will get delayed or there will be disputes in the firm.
- You need to be well prepared to tackle any kind of situation related to the task assigned to you.
- You are likely to fake your accent when you are talking to a foreigner :-D
- You ask more when you did not listen to the point when it was being discussed.

- You keep helping others, don't expect them to be thankful, they won't :-D
- Failure is a relative term not an absolute one.
- Undue seriousness leads to worry, loss of appetite, and confusion.
- "F.A.I.L. means First Attempt In Learning", APJ Abdul Kalam
- A small level of anxiety is actually helpful.
- Success of your efforts is directly proportional to the concentration you put into it.

- The more mistakes you commit, the more lessons you learn.
- The more practice you do, the more experience you going to get.
- It feels good to see someone using your invention :-)
- If you really want to complete the tasks, no matter how many distractions you receive,  you will complete it.
- First Things First not only brings dedication but also relaxes your mind and reduces tension.

- Keep speaking if the listener sounds interested; if not, thank the person for his time and move on, even whn u didn't get the opportunity to use your messages.
- When it comes to starting a conversation,  do not follow the concept of "Pehle Aap".
- To remain happy you must look at the filled part of glass instead of empty part of the glass.

- We concentrate on things we don't have rather we should love & appreciate what we have.
- No matter how much knowledge you have gained, but still there is a lot to be explored yet.
- Sometimes, you have to choose among the choices you get each day. Choosing one opportunity might result in another opportunity but what matter is what is more important to you.
- It might have happen you won't be able to reach where you want to be, but always keep hope with you because that hope will help you to dream even bigger in future and achieve way more than your previous dream... :-)

- If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together.(Thanks to Rahul Sir )
- It is good to have deep knowledge in at least one aspect of something.
- You cannot find happiness just after hurting someone, you gotta apologize first.
- Sometimes, you yourself don't able to forgive yourself even though the other person has already forgiven you.
- There is a lot many things to be sad about, so one must not waste time being sad about small issues rather let it go with a smile (Thanks to Bhawana ji :-) )
- Being talkative is not a problem but one must be a good listener too. (Thank God I am :-D )
- Enjoy each moment with full laughter as life is too short to be sad/worried/tensed. (Thanks to Megha Bains )

- People are with you and will praise for you until you keep winning, if you lose, it ll not take a second for them to become your enemy and talk against you.
- Daily, you find at least two options, Its you who have to make choices each day according to your priorities.
- You must grab more knowledge if you want to grow in life. (Thanks to Mukesh Sir)
- You cannot judge a person on the basis of how they deal with you, there are various other parameters also, so its better not to be judgmental.
- No matter how much wealth you get in life, always stay down to earth :-)

- Keep learning,  you never know when it prove to be useful for you.
- What is planned by God will happen, no matter what you do.
- Keep a balance in your day to day activities of life.
- When you see your weakness, hit the precise cause to turn it into strength,  then you will improve.
(Thanks to Mukesh Sir for the above)
- You gotta give a try, and you will get more than you expected. (Thanks to Movie Baby)

- No matter how much good you are, there is always a scope of improvement..
- A small tip for improving my handwriting. (Thanks to Gurpreet Mam)
- When you are worried about from where to start, just start the work from anywhere, your half tension will be eliminated.
- Keep trying, you might get some time to live your dreams for real. (Thanks to Movie Shamitabh)

  -  The less things you do, the lesser you learn.
  - Your lack of self confidence might lead u in trouble. (Thanks To Whiplash)
- Have faith in urself, that's all what is required for success. (Thanks to  Movie Whiplash)

- Fun begins at the moment you allow it to enter your mind, that's how you forget all sorrows suddenly... :-)

- 5 minutes sleep at morning time does make a difference :-D
- Your negligence/ignorance results in lose of a good opportunity.
- Helping someone when they actually don't need it, is not a nice practice.
- You are the master of your own happiness.

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