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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Things I Learned In April

- Listen first, then speak/ask..
- Some things we do that we actually don't know we do.
- God comes to help you in many ways, its you who need to recognize his signal.
- Though running from responsibility seems easy, but it isn't the right thing to do.
- Doing multi-tasking hampers your ability to work well in involved tasks..

- Try things though risk might be there, but you can't even imagine the reward..
- Little madness isn't a problem but everything in excess is not right :-)
- There is  difference between being a part of something and being the reason for something..

- Your worth cannot be determined by how much importance people give to you but by how much you give to yourself.
- Speaking less helps you to gain level of concentration. (Thanks to Gurpreet Mam)

- Concentration helps you to achieve more.. :-)
- Seriousness is something you don't get when it's required.  :-)

- Keep looking, you will get what you want.
- You are the best motivator for yourself, no other motivation can work better... :-)

- More practice you do, the more mistakes u see, the more you learn... :-)
- Taking right decision at wrong time proves to be a wrong decision.. :-)

- You have resources for success,  its on you whether to utilize them or not.
- There must be a Goal in life, otherwise one day you will find yourself at a place you never wanted to be.
- Reading gives you knowledge,  knowledge provides courage and confidence.
- You have two options; Gold or Stone, choice is yours.
- A person must use at least one hour a day for his self improvement.
Thanks to #Suresh_Sir for the above.
- People might compel you to do something against your will, but being stable at your decision ll keep you at right position.
- Some mistakes you commit without knowing, but they are the building blocks of your self improvement.

- "It always seem impossible until it is done.", Nelson Mandela
- Learn to initiate the task assigned to you, even though you feel it's not possible.
- Impossible become possible if you change your attitude.
- You cannot change the mentality of an individual if He/She is obsessed with his/her own mottos.
- Repeating the same thing you said before doesn't make a difference.
- Sometimes its not necessary to seek permission from anyone to have the thing you want, just go get it.
- If you love someone, you don't need to express it again n again. ( Fast & Furious 7)

- Concentration helps you to achieve more where as lack of it leads to losses.
- If you going to mention any wrong deed done by you and others, tell ur own name first.
- When its about giving praises about something, mention your team mates first and  your name at the last. (Thanks to Mukesh Sir)
- Your whole day might go completely wrong but still there's a hope everything will be alright. ( Walk Of Shame )
- Just be yourself, don't try to be the person you are not. ( Movie Walk of Shame)

- Never let your personal motives to come in the way of your professional objectives.
- Believing in yourself not provide confidence but also immense opportunities.
- Not only electronic gadgets but also some people act as a distraction in your life.
- No matter how you plan your day, but it ll always be opposite to your planning.Keep transparency a priority when working in a team.
- Having fun is not a problem, but make sure you don’t disturb others. (Thanks to Gurpreet Mam)
- Make sure people expect less from you so that you never disappoint them rather surprise them by providing more than that. (Thanks to Mukesh Sir)

- Don't accept things until it satisfies your exquisites.
- Worry, headache, problem, tough must be replaced with a word "Challenge". As they say, Life is a challenge and you gotta face it.
- Excellence is neither a one time act nor a matter of chance. It is doing something extraordinary with unique vision and beliefs.
- Get out of mediocrity syndrome which says that u are not good for this or that. Rather do things in better way.
- Make excellence your habit.
- Explore all opportunities legally that come in your way as there are no shortcuts to success.
- Word "Tough" is found in the dictionary of pessimistic people.
(Thanks to Chief Secretary, Punjab for the above points and LPU for inviting him on University Honor Ceremony)
- Being best is not everything, you got to be the best of the bests.
- Having recognition to your success isn't necessary always, as it is believed that "Success is the process not the achievement."
- Some people don't care what you going through, they just focus on their own motives from you.

- A day spent without operating any electronic gadget is a day spent productively.

- One should not stand against himself rather always have belief in himself.
- You have to lose one thing to get another, that's how life works.

- It feels good to wake up earlier than you are supposed to.
- It feels good to complete the targets assigned to you.
- Some things happen for a reason and there may not be justification to everything.
- Sometimes,  you don't get answers to everything but no matter what, Hope will always be there. ( Movie Changeling).
- Never be the first to start a dispute, but always finish it. ( Changeling)
- Never accept something you don't feel right at first place before its too late to change your statement. (Changeling)
- Sometimes, all you need to do is not to resist change and you ll succeed.
- Never give excuses in life. (Thanks to Mukesh Sir)
- Struggle hai toh learning hai.. ( Thanks to Suruchi Mam)
- You ll have to find some answers by yourself instead of asking people to find them for you.
- No one else is going to get you where you want to go - it is upto you.

- There is a difference between the way people treat you when they need you and the time when you need them.
- Sometimes all you need to do is, to do the right thing without caring how its going to seem.

- Survival is not the sign of growth. (Thanks to Mukesh Sir)
- Doing the right thing is more important than asking others about what should be done.
- Misunderstandings can begin from anywhere, keep an eye on them :-D

- Nobody can judge your abilities and talents by just looking at you. So, you don't have to give a damn to what people say without actually knowing you. (Thanks to Me)
- It feels good to prefer essential tasks over doing something under peer pressure.

- The more you read, the more easily you understand the things.
- Some things are meant to happen and they proves to fruitful at the end.

- Never misuse someone's trust for unethical practices.
- Tell somethings only when they are asked ( Thanks to Mukesh Sir )
- Team work does not mean completing group tasks all by yourself but also getting part of work done by your team mates.
- Save, you never when a need arise for using that amount. ( Thanks to Mukesh Sir)

- You cannot understand the importance of good until you go through the worst. (Thanks to Gurpreet Sir)
- The more feedback you take about ur work, the more mistakes ll b traced out, and ultimately u ll acheive more perfection. Just don't take it in negative way (y)

- The more efforts you put, then better output you going to achieve.
- Focus on your work first. Thus, First things first.

- Being over productive one day and under productive the other day, takes you no where. You must be consistent performer.

- You cannot live the day exactly how you planned, but still it doesn't mean you shouldn't plan your life. (Thanks to Me :-) )
- Opportunity Cost is applicable to all aspects of life i.e you have to lose 2nd best option to choose the best choice in life.
- You learn explore your weaknesses when you try something you never tried before  in life, this ultimately helps you to convert those weaknesses into strength. (Thanks  to Rahul Sir :-) )
- Make sure whom you taking any suggestion from, it might happen that they misuse it for their benefits and result in loss for you. (Thanks to #Mukesh_Sir )

- Knowing isn't everything, you got to express it right.
- You cannot get the same opportunity again" (Revolution 2020)
- No matter how much wrong ways you take in life, your experiences will bring you to the right path in life. (Revolution 2020)
- Sometimes, thirst for success make you do wrong things which you never expected to do. (Revolution 2020)
- When you find yourself at a situation when you feel that you can control anything in the world, don't misuse that as it comes with a responsibility to bring happiness in others life and help them reduce their sorrows. ( Thanks to  The Cobbler )

- Suspense can be small or big but it all depends upon how you execute it.
- Its not possible to be present at two places simultaneously but still you can make both the places feel comfortable by trying your best. (Thanks to Megha Bains )
- If you want something, you gotta speak for it, otherwise someone else will ask for it and get the thing which you wanted at first place.
- Sometimes we panic just because we want our problem to get solved that very moment and ignore the fact that its solution lies in near future, we just gotta keep moving.
- Fame is not universally applicable, so make sure what you want success or fame!!
- A small effort just to make someone smile can make them feel happy instead :-)

- Its better to say sorry only when its ur fault,  there is nothing like saying sorry because u value people more than ego as some people don't deserve it.
- You r likely to get angry when people make you say same thing more than 10 times and still they brag about same thing without listening to u.
- Every span of life is worth living to the core :-)

- There are many phases in our life, its on us that we end each phase with a smile on our face and no grudges for anyone in our heart, and accepting people as they are, instead of complaining for their imperfections. (Thanks to Gagan Sir )
- Your ignorance and over-confidence might lead you to wrong direction and waste your time and energy in useless path.

- Bad phases comes and go in life, but deal them with maturity.
- Every person we meet teaches us a lesson, so try to learn that lesson and move forward. Therefore,forget grudges & forgive people to keep yourself calm and positive.
- When you don't have anyone standing by your side, always remember God is always with you.
- Though everyone do not get everything in life but that cannot stop us to have hope  in our life and stay positive.
- Winners are not those who get lots of wealth but the ones who get a peaceful sleep at night.
(Thanks To Gagan Sir for the above points.)
- You cannot entertain different kind of audience with same set of mentality. (Thanks to Me)
- Keep trying and soon you will achieve what you desire. ( video of a kid shown by #Suresh_Sir )
- Words you use, does make a difference in the prosperity of your life.
- The best way to live the life is, live it in best manner as it comes, instead of letting it go just because of your off mood.
- No matter how much differences the situations create in your bonds, never lose the person just because of unfavorable circumstances. ( Thanks To Rimjhim)
- Give your best for the thing you want and trust me, you will make it happen with your consistent efforts .
- Sometimes, you misjudge people just because you make your own perceptions for them which proves to be wrong after a certain period of time, especially when it is too late. So make sure you communicate well with people before it gives rise to misunderstandings.
- It wasn't just the lessons and courses that i learned from LPU, it was more the experiences i got from LPU which made me who I am today.

- No matter with how much perfection you do the things, if someone wants to find the error in it, he/she will.
- Sometimes, having the mentality that your other team member will do the thing leads to wastage of your time and energy.
- Think before you speak before you end up thinking that you shouldn't have said that.

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