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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Things I Learned In February

- Nobody can make a difference, but you can.
- Its not only you, who have problems in life, others have it too, so try to feel positive about your life. (Thanks to Vasudha )
- Discussing problem in detail, doesn't help you find a solution for it.
- You cannot change people way of thinking, but you can change the way you perceive things.. :-)

- Seeing or meeting your school batch mate reminds you of all unforgettable memories of school within a minute.
- Always keep some extra money in your pocket for any contingencies.

- You will learn nothing doing nothing and sitting idle at home... :-D

- Even if you are 100% prepared for the test, you are likely to commit certain silly mistakes:
Reasons for the same could be :- Lack of concentration, over-confidence, hurry to complete the test, etc.
(Thanks to Financial Management Test)

- Never allow your Hobbies/Passion to die.. (Thanks to Suresh Sir (y) )

- Yes, you always have a chance to speak number of times, but allow others to talk about their story also..
- Its always better to arrive early than being late.. (Thanks to Vasudha )

- If you keep postponing your problems, they will keep getting clubbed and you won't be able to find solution for any problem.
- Before giving any suggestion to someone, make sure you apply the same to yourself. (Rem. Gandhiji Short Story)
- You can't judge the no. of problems faced by a person until he/she reveals them to you.
- It takes real guts to solve the problem of others by putting yourself into a trouble.

Thanks to Narendra Parmar for the above points. :-)

- I can operate pc more than 10 hours doing nothing.. :-D

- Never say No to new opportunities. (y)
- Mostly, we are physically present in the lecture but we are mentally somewhere else such as thoughts of past, future, or planning what to do after the class, :-D .
- In organization, Your colleagues are not going to keep you updated, you yourself have to stay updated with what's going within the organization..
Keep Learning :-)
Keep Smiling :-)

- Half Knowledge creates misunderstandings.
- Being rigid give rise to anger, so learn to be flexible in life.
- If you suffer from bad judgement, don't feel guilty,  instead its better to rejoice that through experience,  you are learning life lessons you need. (Thanks to ET).

- Time passes fast, no matter whether you are aware about it or not.
- You start missing the thing as soon as you realize you are going to lose it.

- Opportunity will knock your door, even if you doesn't have a door.
- Stay down to earth but never hear anything against your work/profession(Thanks to Rupesh Sir).

- People can misread your jolly nature as something else.
- Achi baat karne ke liye besharm ho jaya karo..(never be ashamed to do the right thing)- Thanks to Prajapati Ji :-)
- Closing your eyes doesn't make the world blind.- Thanks To Prajapati JI.
- _______________________this one is secret guyz. (Thanks to Me)

- Either you enjoy or work, give your 100%.
- Adapting with the environment is necessary.
- Boss is always right concept is dangerous.
- Being very polite isn't the only way to show respect.
- Saying No is a difficult task.
Thanks to Anoop Sir for the above.
- Valentine's Day is not only for couples but for singles too....Had a Best Valentine's Day :-D

- Past is history, Future is unknown thirst, present is respect thats why they call it Present :-) (Thanks to Turtle Guru in Kung Fu Panda )
- Ignorance might result in lose of opportunity.

- Sometimes, any wrong act done by someone prove to be helpful/fruitful for us. :-)
- If people don't like something, they just need to say that they don't like it. They don't have the right to say to others that they can't do it just because they don't like it.(Thanks to Raghu Ram )

- You cannot convince someone to do the thing if he/she doesn't want to do that at place.
- You must not give justification for anything if not asked.

- I am selfish too :-P
- Never be judgmental, do what your instinct says.
- 10 seconds does make a difference: If our auto would have been 10 seconds late, there were the chances of accident :-P

May God Bless that guy

Awesome Day:-
First time did a role play in LPU. I played a role of an old was awesome experience.
The most funny part was that fake hair tied to my hair :-D

Things I Learned Today...
- Sometimes you gotta do something to make people laugh also :-D
- Girls like to do make up even if they have to do that on someone else :-D
- If you have long hair, its obvious you gonna play with them :-D

-     Never look for scope of improvement from outside, look from within.
-     A thought can lead to an idea, An idea ultimately leads  to change.
          (Thanks to Dr. Sarindha Sethi)

-  Apply 3As(AAA) into your life:
        1. Adjust- learn to adjust with the environment.
        2. Appreciate- Learn to appreciate what you have.
        3. Accept : Learn to accept what you get, learn to accept the
      (Thanks to Ashwani Rai bhai for this.)
-  people might interrupt you in what you are doing. But firstly complete what you are doing (Thanks to Ashwani bhai )
-   Never spread any information about which you don't have an authentic source. (Thanks to Debanshu Sir )

I am Thankful to Narendra Sir , Debanshu SIr, Sachinder Sir, Satyansh and other organizers who invited us to attend Drugs/Alcohol Awareness Guest Lecture and 'Shubh Arambh' Event. :-)

- Sometimes you gotta sacrifice your personal motives for social service and it feels good :-)
- Sometimes you need to take help from your social circle and it becomes important.
- Your Best Friends can suddenly decide to stop being in touch with you and it hurts :-(
- Its better to focus on solution instead of focusing on blaming the ones whoz fault were there.( Thanks to Prajapati ji )
- Learned few tools about Adobe photoshop in a workshop.
- Its very important to always remember and promote your mother tongue.
- Instead of being sad about something you didn't get, you must take a stand to have it and trust me you will get it for sure (Thanks to Narendra Sir :-) )

- No matter how much you try to throw someone out of your heart, but they ain't gonna leave it so easily, especially when you keep thinking about them.. :-P

- Sometimes people blame you for their own errors to save themselves, never pay attention to them, just keep doing your own karma.
- Trust yourself more than you do on your partner. (Thanks to Rupinder Mam)

- Sometimes your teacher might say something just to see your seriousness towards certain thing, you must have patience at that time. (Thanks to Rupinder Mam)
- Patience will help you to achieve what you want to.
- Some people will ignore you intentionally just because of their position, but you never pay attention to such acts.(Thanks to that Administration Personnel)

- You don't always need to take suggestion for everything especially for small issues ( Thanks to Abhay Sir)

  -  It is also necessary to take care of others (Thanks to Avaneesh)
  -  Sometimes taking a stand to help someone else might results to be fruitful for us (thanks to Vinayak)
  -  You always take a slow start before you actually take a pace for something. (Thanks to Dev).
  -  no matter how many times a problems occur in one day, keep calm so that you can handle the situation in a better way. ( Thanks to Narendra Sir , Sachinder Sir, & Debanshu Sir)
  - Before you do something, have a knowledge about it first. (Thanks to Unknown guy)
  - One must not leave hope in difficult situations also.
  -  If you can do everything, doesn't mean you should do everything (Thanks To Dev Sahu).
  -  Having goal in life brings seriousness towards life. (Thanks to Debanshu Sir).

  -  You must analyse what the person is saying before you take the joke too seriously.
  -  Stay consistent to what you are doing and you will achieve what to want to.
  -  Winning isn't everything but trust me when you win,  it feels awesome. ( Won 1st Prize in SKIT in Jaipur University)
  -  That Awesome moment when you make a prediction that you are going to get the first prize in competition and you actually win.
  -  To win,  you need to prepare it till the last second of your performance.
  -  Meeting your friend once again when you actually thought you will get a chance to meet that person again.
  -  Cheering others can also make you smile or happy.
  -  Hooting can be done Anywhere,  but when its on main stage while receiving a prize money,  that feel remain forever.

- Frame your words before you say any sentence.(Thanks to Debanshu Sir).
  -  You are not supposed to do everything, responsibilities are always assigned to concerned persons (Thanks to Vikas)
  -  Sometimes, a person becomes a narrow minded just because of his or her locality.
  - Sometimes,  your boss might subordinate his personal motive over organization motive. At such situations as an employee, make sure you don't create a scene and create more difficulties for whole organization. Also its the responsibility of Boss, to allow his employees to provide their suggestions to handle the scene more efficiently.
  -  You must not judge a person on your own perceptions.
  -  Its not a good decision to keep thinking about how your happiness could have been made better if you would have done things this/that way.
- You don't feel confident about something when you have chance, but you start feeling you can do it when the opportunity is gone.
  -  Sometimes, Boss has to take decisions just to make his employees feel positive.
  -  Boss is not always right especially when he take decisions based on his emotions for his employees.
  -  Sometimes,  Your employees might do something that might interfere with the decision of Boss, in such a situations he must handle the situation calmly.
  -  Some situations are meant to stay among the managers only, exposing them to whole organization might create problems not only  for managers but also for employees.
- Sometimes its difficult to judge who is right, who is wrong.

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