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Thursday, 22 April 2021

Patience Tests You Way Too Much!

I know that the things or people, that you really want in your life, may make you appear as an impatient person because we have been waiting for them since a very long time. When they appear in front of our years, be it our goals, dreams, or even people.

Now, at that moment, when they are in front of you it has already turn years to have them in your life yet when they appear in front of you, all you want to do is to grab them so tight and feel those tears of happiness. But sadly, patience take your tests very often especially when it really wants to test your patience level. You will have a feeling as if you have already got something but the patience will not allow you to touch it even though you want to, but you cannot touch it. You are not allowed to, as you will be treated as an impatient person who cannot wait another moment, another minute, another hour, another day, another week, another month or even another year.
But Patience will not be kind to you to give you even a grace marks for all the years of wait that you have already done just to have a glimpse of those dreams or people in front of your eyes.

It will test your patience score only for that moment in which you see that thing, goal or person in front of your eyes and you are asked to wait again for a week, month or year or two just to have them as part of you or your life.

Even though the test of patience is very tough with such rules and regulations followed by its invigilator, you still manage to pass that test with good score one day because you learn to understand the mantra to master the patience with time.

That's why they say, there's always an happy ending. And if it isn't a happy ending yet, then the show is still on, my friend.

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