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Thursday 16 June 2022

Oh My God! That’s So Scary!

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Isn’t that a scary feeling to start thinking that your past was better than your present?

Don’t you think that such a feeling will only make you helpless that you cannot bring back your past to your present?

But at least, the best thing is that you can still acquire those skills that you possessed in past and in fact, you can even become more skilled and happier than you ever were in past.

First and foremost, it’s important that you understand that if you were better in past, you already possess those qualities with you. Just like sometimes, there are clouds in front of the moon that doesn’t question its existence but it’s still there.

Similarly, you have those qualities within you that already makes you a better version of your past instead of the other way around. Believe that uou can still be peaceful, happy and confident again if you clear off the clouds of your own limitations that are created by your mind.

Robin Sharma rightly quoted,”Mind is a wonderful servent but a terrible master”.

No matter, how many qualities you process if you don’t command your mind to think in the right direction, it will only make you believe that you are good for nothing.

So, now let’s talk about what kind of questions, we may ask ourselves to wipe off those clouds of self-doubts that are making the situation even worse. 

- What is taking away my peace?

- What accomplishments I have had in my past?

- Why do I feel that I am unhappy at present?

- How can I remove those unhappy elements from my current situation?

- What activities I used to do that made me more confident in past and how can I practice them again?

- What knowledge and skills I need to develop that I can feel more confident about myself? 

P.S. Example of existence of moon is inspired from one of the IG Stories posted by @positivelynikita  

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