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Friday, 23 April 2021



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Dear Overthinking,

I know it's been a long time since we have been dating each other. I understand that initially, things were really exciting, we used to spend a lot of time together and long hours would pass, while just sitting with each other all along, with just a blink of an eye.

I won't say that I did not enjoy your company. Of course! I did, as sometimes when everything was not there, you were there with me making me do nothing and even sometimes kept me away from even thinking about my problems. (P.S. Well! That didn't help me anyway. Closing your own eyes, doesn't make the whole world blind.)

I was really enjoying the flow that was going on and I started to spend a lot of time with you instead of staying connected with some of my friends like Hope, Aspiration, Dedication and Goal.
Undoubtedly, there were even more of them which I haven't named yet, but somehow, my whole friend circle, with them as well as Self-Love, Happiness, Optimism, etc., was really effected badly.

I am sure that you still don't even remember how did that happen?
But fortunately, I am good with remembering events of my life, so let me remind you here.

You remember the time when you introduced me to your friends, Self Doubt and Worry?
Of course, you don't.
But I remember very clearly when we four (You, Self-Doubt, Worry and Me) used to hangout for long hours at night and My Sleep would keep calling me to be with it so that I can rest for at least 8 hours. But gradually, I started to ignore its calls and was only able to be with sleep for about 4-5 hours.
It wasn't that I didn't want to be with Sleep for about 8 hours but it was rather more about how engrossed I would get in the thoughts when you used to take over my mind and make me passive with that trap of those thoughts and I lost the track of time with my Sleep.

OMG! How can I forget about the day when you asked me to try to take the sip of my past mistakes and kept scaring me on how bad the consequences of them might be for me. I can still recall those days when I would wake up with the hangover of my past mistakes just to think of them.

Poor Me, that I could not even see that you were only manipulating me to just keep holding your hands and forget all about what was going on in my present. Strangely, you always directed me to think of my Past and Future, due to which I just couldn't take action.

Well! I won't take much of your time today, and I am really sorry for doing this over a letter instead of giving you a phone call.

I shouldn't be doing this but I think, right now, I would rather choose my Self Respect than to fulfill someone else's ego by calling.

I don't want to disappoint you here or to kill your dreams but I want to tell you that I cannot date you anymore. You and Me are not Us anymore from this moment onwards.

Today afternoon, while I was travelling, I happened to cross my path with EXECUTION. It would be really hard to tell you about everything that I discussed with her but one thing is certain that she really blew mind away by revealing all the truths about our past. She told me how you used to make fun of me with your buddies, Self-Doubt and Worry, when I used to miss my deadlines by just keep wondering about results instead of actually taking action to finish my tasks before deadlines.

Now, you would say how come I am able to trust a stranger over you, it is rather because she was there all the time but you never let her reach me. And I am not going to spend some extra minutes to share proofs with you because I have had enough.

I am not saying that I am thinking to date EXECUTION from now onwards, but I am sure that I cannot see you anymore. You have already done enough to my life. I cannot let you spoil my life even an ounce of it anymore.

It was me who was blinded in love with you Miss OVERTHINKING, but now, my friend EXECUTION have told me that DEDICATION, HOPE, GOAL, CONSISTENCY, ASPIRATION and PATIENCE had been missing me from a very long time and want me to join them on the journey to make LIFE WORTH LIVING FOR.
Hence, I am no longer going to let you control me and my actions.

Thank you but No Thank You.

Rohit Sood.

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