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Saturday 1 May 2021

Happy Birthday To Me!


Dear Rohit,

I hope you are doing well and even though we talk almost daily, the negative side of you has won often but this time, I want to make certain things very clear to you.

I understand that we have been together for a very long time and no matter how much you feel that I have any ill thoughts about you, deep inside your heart, you know that I only think of your growth and prosperity. In the last 10 years, you have not listened to me properly and decided to do what you feel right and that too majorly on the wrong side.

I don't mean to hurt you or brag about your mistakes on this day. Of course, this is a very special day for you and I am really happy for you. But now, the time has come when you cannot let the distractions take away your time because you have a bigger fish to fry. Remember the goals that you want to achieve, dreams that you want to fulfill, lives that you want to inspire.

Distractions, Worries, Sorrows, Issues, Challenges, Failures, Problems or Sadness, etc. are part of our life but one thing that you must always remember is that they shall too pass because Success, Opportunities, Passion, Persistence, Patience, Prosperity or Dreams, etc. are also part of life and therefore, you should only focus on the brighter side of the situation.

I understand that most of the times, life didn't go as per your terms, but anyhow, you took the best decisions at the times when you were in certain situations. Your decisions have shaped your life in a way you took those decisions when life hit you. Now, you must be wondering why the first two lines are contradictory to each other, it's because Life is 1.1 % what happens to us and 98.9 % what we make it happen.

Now, here's something that I want you to do. I will share a list of certain tasks that you need to do every single day for the next 365 days. I understand that this may seem to be hard and you may often feel like giving up on this and will also feel like giving up, but at that time all you need to remember is the story that I have recited to you few days back and just think that your 100th hit to break the stone is yet to happen. In addition, I am sure that you would also feel that things are not moving, results are not visible so it isn't worth it. But at such times, just ping me that time, I am just a thought away from you. Think of me and you will find me by your side and I will tell you how to deal with such situations on real time basis.

This is all I wanted to say today and I hope you understand my point.
Wish you a very Happy Rohit Day,

Your Soul.

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