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Tuesday, 27 April 2021

The Less Is More | Vice Versa Holds Equally True!


Photo by Artsy Solomon from Pexels

From the past few days, I have been observing so many things in my life as well as the happenings around my surroundings or to some extent happenings around the world through Internet which may not be true of course.

One thing that I have started to observe is no matter what it is, Less is quite more peaceful than looking for more.

Just a short example, for a moment, let's imagine that 1 Kg Happiness is required for us every day but we are chasing the happiness of around 3 Kg or even more, now, at one moment of the day, you have already acquired 1 Kg Happiness that you need, but will you be Happy now? or let's just say "Will you be peaceful now? Of course not. Why? Because we still that 2 Kg Happiness to fulfill our Target rate of Happiness i.e. 3Kg per day.
Strange! Isn't it?
Initially, we observed that we only needed 1 Kg Happiness but when we began to chase for more, we didn't feel grateful for meeting our requirements for the day and that 1 Kg Happiness that we received also turned into a source of Lack of satisfaction because we saw our happiness as incomplete without that remaining 2 Kg Happiness.

Now, coming back to the topic, I must say that the above example can be filled in any scenario and we would only have an increased level of chaos and lack of peace in our mind.

Less Social Media vs More Reading
Less Thinking vs More Action
Less Anger vs More Peace
Less Stuff vs More Space
Less Distractions vs More Focus

These were very few examples out of many aspects of life where Less is More works in a best manner for us.

And now, here are few examples of how "More is Less" also holds true:
More Multitasking vs Less Focus
More Plans vs Less Efforts per Plan

No matter, how we see the world, sometimes, the Universal Law works above all powers.

I would really appreciate if you share your thoughts on how "Less is More" or "More is Less".

Thank you for reading,
Rohit Sood

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