Anti-Social Media Challenge

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

October 7, 2017:
  1. Anger is nothing but a choice. Better you don't choose it. (P.S. It felt amazing when I decided to rejoice the present instead of getting angry.)
  2. If you have a lot of ideas, present them in an organized manner. (Lesson Credits: Shipra Ma'am)
  3. Inspect the product and then decide if you really want to purchase it. (P.S. Blazer Issue)
  4. Life is funny. We usually advise to people, not to panic in any case of any mis-happening but usually end up getting disappointed when such things happen with us as well.
  5. You must have a sync in your virtual personality and actual personality. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Dorbala Sir)
  6. Interviewer must enjoy talking to you. (Lesson Credits: Ajay Chandel Sir)
  7. You must convey that you are good but you should not tell it. (Lesson Credits: Ajay Chandel Sir)
October 8, 2017:
  1. Life teach us lessons, gradually, with a passage of time and when it does, it becomes even more beautiful.
  2. The entrance of some amazing people in your life makes it worth living.
  3. When you want something badly, just hope for the best and your efforts will make it happen.
October 09, 2017:
Things I learned from Narinder Garcha Sir:
  1. Failure is yours. Success belongs to your team.
  2. Leader should be unbiased.
  3. Be hard on the issue, not on the person.
  4. Learn from as many people as possible.
  5. Praise in Public, Criticize in Isolation.
  6. 6 Golden Rules of PROPER Customer Service.

October 10, 2017:
  1. You get to learn a lot from many people during the course of your life.
  2. Give your best performance, leave rest on God. (Lesson Credits: Ajay Khullar Sir)
  3. If the speaker is asking for a response from audience, he should not disrespect their opinions. (P.S. "I don't want that general bullsh*t")

October 11, 2017:-
  1. Be confident about what you speak.
  2. Positive thoughts bring the positive reality.
  3. You should not think of the results before you enter or are in a performance zone. Just focus on your efforts.
  4. Choice of words make a lot of difference in your life. (P.S. Non-selection in Amazon Drive.)
October 12,2017:
It was the first day after not getting selected by and the day was quite interesting because I observed many people and listened to their last interview experiences. Everyone had their own story to share and I also realized the reasons for why I was not selected.
Later, Chetan Sir called me and shared his inputs for what went wrong during my interview.
"You must drive your interview in the direction in which you want. It would be hard if the interviewer takes the driver seat", he said. He suggested me some of the details which we must mention in our Resume. 

October 13, 2017:
  1. Interview should be given without the thoughts of getting selected or not selected. (Lesson Credits: Chetan Sir)
  2. Some Friends genuinely expect a lot from us and pray the best for us. (P.S. Vishal Pathania called me to suggest some ways to deal with the upcoming placement drives.)
  3. Life is uncertain and that's the reason for us to make the best use of our present.
  4. Sometimes, it is important to understand the situation of others instead of just focusing on what we want. (A Discussion on call)
October 14, 2017:
  1. That awesome moment when you guide your teacher towards the direction of positive thoughts. (OlaCabs Experience)
  2. When you take a stand for yourself, some people are going to consider you as wrong but if you felt it right, don't feel guilty about it.
  3. In life, there comes a point when we have to stay little bit away from our closed ones for few days but when they start residing in our heart, the distance does not make much difference.
  4. That one second when the whole world pauses for a while and you can only feel that one person. 
  5. That amazing moment when someone starts to trust you more than anyone else.
October 15, 2017:
  1. Life starts to appear amazing when we get some special people in our life.
October 16, 2017:
  1. Teachers give their best to teach us the concepts. We must also put our efforts to genuinely understand what they want us to learn.
  2. You must focus on competing a task in hand, before you start something new.

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