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Monday, 9 October 2017

Happy Birthday Known Stranger

"Time Heals Everything."

Dear known Stranger,
Today, after an another year, your birthday has come once again and again, I don't have any contact with you to say 'Wish you a very Happy Birthday.
I was told that Time heals everything but I never believed much on it. May be I was too stubborn to believe anything like that because I just wanted to keep the wounds with myself only.
However, you would be glad to know that everything is in good spirits now. Spark in my life has returned and whole day I was not dying to try to wish you a happy birthday. Because deep inside my heart, I know that you must be very Happy and I still pray the best for you but does not want to see myself in that best because I have already found Euphoria from my best situation. 
My respect and emotions for you will never change in my heart. It is just that I have stopped caring for your tangible presence in my life. I just pray the best for you and I know that wherever you are, you must be having a memory of this friend as well. 
This was the first time in many years that I was not sad on this day. 
In fact, you would be surprised to know that today I had a lunch with someone special for the first time. I was really happy today and I spent this day as a normal day. That is why, I am just being the last person to wish you Happy Birthday. May be because deep inside my heart I know that my wishes never reaches you, so it's better that I share those birthday wishes for you at the end of the day. 

I don't know when you will read this or will ever read it but I know only one thing that you have or had always been one of the most special persons in my life. But I know that it doesn't make much difference anymore. So, I would rather focus on saying.
"I wish you a very Happy Birthday"
Missed you so much so far...
But have mastered living with you and happily.
May God Bless You With Loads of Happiness."

Thanks & Regards,
A Known Unknown Friend.

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  1. Overwhelmed to find being immortalized in words by someone who was a part of your life once.