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Saturday, 30 September 2017



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September 23, 2017:
Things I Learned Today:
You should have an adaptability skill in your life. It will be helpful throughout your life. (Lesson Credits: Amandeep Nagpal Sir)
Life is a beautiful journey and it feels amazing to have someone by your side.
The best technique to express your thoughts is to be honest no matter which mode you use, be it written or oral.
You may be imperfect but you are always perfect for at least one person.

September 24, 2017:
Things I Learned Today:
Life has taken a new turn and I have decided to take it to the right direction.
At present, I may have many tasks lined up, yet one by one, I am going to complete all of them without a fail.
Because I have realized that Multi-tasking will not take me anywhere and I am glad to that I spent my Sunday in one of the most productive ways. 
Life does not end here and therefore, I have a lot more to learn in the coming days.

September 25, 2017:-
Things I Learned Today:
Only you can change your mindset if you want to. Nobody else can do it for you. (Lesson Credits: Rajesh Verma Sir)
You may find 1000+ reasons to be sad but sometimes, only one reason is enough to smile.

September 26, 2017:-
Things I Learned Today:
You never know what future holds for you but the moment you start to live your present in a best manner, Life becomes beautiful.

September 27, 2017:-
Things I Learned Today:-
"We don't learn from History, that's why History repeats itself.", a quote shared by Mr. Deepak Sharma, a 62 years old man I met at a shop.
He shared various incidents of his life in order to motivate me to take the right decisions in my life. Interestingly, I was talking to him for the first time yet he was guiding me to the best of his abilities.
Patience provides us everything that we aspire to have in our life.

September 28, 2017:-
Things I Learned Today:
"No matter what you desire in life, you will surely come across some hurdles in your way but just keep going with a positive mindset and you will get what you want, not immediately but definitely.

September 29, 2017:
Things I Learned Today:-
Once you start to understand your abilities and strengths, you automatically starts to achieve more. You cannot do everything but you can definitely do something with a great passion ever day.

Things I Learned From Webinar by Lisa Nichols:
  1. Show your story rather than telling a story.
  2. "You don't have to make up a story, truth is already sexy."
  3. Do something that you cannot do.
  4. Why play safe when you can be powerful.
  5. Make a stand.
  6. You are never too big to be inspirational.
  7. Give the gift of your journey and they will give you loyalty.

September 30, 2017:-
Things I Learned Today:
Today Morning, I finally realized that Social Media or Internet cannot help me in anything unless and until I decide what I really want to know. In addition, finally, I have decided to leave social media for a while, so that I can get stability on my mind. I don't know for how long but I am certain that I am not going to come back any sooner.
You should never forget that above all, what matters is 'Are you Happy?"
Hence, if I am happy by getting away from social media, then that's perfectly fine.

Keep Learning :-)
Keep Sharing :-)
Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood.

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