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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Happy NSS Day

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. - Mahatma Gandhi 
Time passes no matter how hard we try to hold it!

Unofficially, I got associated with National Service Scheme (NSS) through LPU-NSS on August 15, 2013. However, the actual journey started on November 8, 2013 with 'Jamia Milia Islamia' Rally followed by 'Joy of Giving' Event on November 29, 2013.

The volunteers actually turned into a family within a duration of 7 days i.e. from January 8, 2014 to January 14, 2014 in NSS Winter Camp 1. In those 7 days, over 7K memories were created with all the beloved volunteers.

People say that the best thing you can donate to anyone is "Your Blood". However, NSS taught me that the best thing you can give to anybody is your Time.

The more time you spend in the service of others, the more satisfaction you will attain in your life.

3 NSS Special Winter Camps, 1 Adventure Camp, 1 Pulse Polio Camp, and Numerous NSS Events including Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Tree-Plantation Drive, etc. are the real reasons which made me a better person and encouraged me to serve others to the best of my abilities.

During this journey, I might have felt de-motivated while doing some tasks, however, various people such as Ashok Sir, Loviraj Gupta Sir, Narendra Ji, Debanshu Bhai, and Sachinder Ji, Saurav Bhai, Satyansh, Lakshya Bhai, and other volunteers, etc. helped me to perform my duties to the best of my abilities.

LPU-NSS is one of the very few platforms in LPU, which helped me to push my boundaries away.

With National Service Scheme, I performed many tasks and experienced many things for the first time in my life, some of which are as follows:

- First Solo Dance Performance (Winter Camp-3)

- Impromptu Speech (Winter Camp 1, 2 and 3)

- Singing in front of large audience. (Winter Camp 1, and Independence Day 2016)

- Leading a Team, 'Initiators' (Winter Camp-2)

- First Visit to Orphanage Home. (Winter Camp-1 and 3)

- Unlimited Love and Respect (From all my fellow NSS-Volunteers)

- First DSLR Picture. (LOL :-D)

- First Prize in Skit Competition (Jaipur University)

- First Paper Dance Performance (Winter Camp-3) (Dance Partner: Rahul) and many more.

The list is unending because there is a lot more to say and yet a lot more to experience.

I am thankful to all the people associated with NSS including LPU-NSS, Faculty Coordinators for giving us a platform to do something for good.

I also owe my deep regards to all the NSS Volunteers (P.S. I am going to tag as many as possible) for your unending Love and Support which have always encouraged me to fall in Love with NSS again and again. I may not tag you all but I Love You All. (Maximum Tags Available: Less than 50, 292 LPU-NSS Friends.)

The more I say about NSS, the lesser it is.

Therefore, I would like to pause here for a while to wish you all, a very HAPPY NSS DAY.

May God Bless You All.

Thanks & Regards,

Rohit Sood.

(P.S. Feel free to share your experience with National Service Scheme (NSS) in the comment below.)

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