First Week Off of Internship - Things I Learned Today

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Monday, 12 June 2017

First Week Off of Internship

First Week Off of Internship.

Things I Learned Today: June 03, 2017:-
  1. Sometimes, it may happen that you don't have a solution of some problems. At such times, just approach your mother and she will definitely get it right.
  2. That awesome moment when you are able to satisfy an angry customer by resolving his issues. (P.S. Tractor owner.)
  3. Sometimes, God himself comes down to earth to save a life of a human. (P.S. Girl was about to met with an accident.)
  4. That amazing feeling when you offer a lift to an old man and he pat on your shoulder to give you blessings. (P.S. An old man near Bank.)
  5. It may happen that we commit some new mistakes, but it is only a sign that we are exploring the unknown. (P.S. Mistakenly brought the Bank Receipt at home.)
  6. That awkward moment when we are paying for someone else's mistake but another mistake occurs. (P.S. Dharmendra's mistake at evening.)

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