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Monday, 12 June 2017

A Lesson learned from a Stranger

A Lesson from a Stranger.

Things I Learned Today: June 02, 2017:-
  1. That awesome moment when you come across a childhood friend in a bus. (P.S. Met with Manvi)
  2. Reading is an amazing exercise for our brain. (P.S. Finished "Living with Honour")
  3. No matter, how much introvert, or strong you are in dealing with your problems, there is no harm in sharing your feelings with someone. (Lesson Credits: Amanpreet Kaur)
  4. Consistency is what makes success. There is no use of starting something and then leaving it altogether and then starting it again. Consistency is the key. (Lesson Credits: Father of Ishant Sir)
  5. Stay the way you are, no matter what people talk about you. (Lesson Credits: Amanpreet Kaur.)
  6. That amazing moment when you have an unforgettable conversation with your best friend. (DG)

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