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Monday, 19 June 2017

A Stranger Grants Wisdom

Things I Learned Today: June 8, 2017:

  1. That awkward moment when people find ways to earn money by hook and crook but ask you to be part of it. (P.S. Bus conductor gave less valued ticket for more price.)
  2. Experience speaks more than theory. (Lesson Credits: Manjeet Singh Uncle, an old man in a bus.)
  3. One of the family members must pay a price for the prosperity of his family's life. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Manjeet Singh)
  4. Hard work matters more than corrupt practices in order to achieve and sustain success. (Lesson Credits: Manjeet Ji )
  5. Some people still has decent hearts. (P.S. An old auto driver, who picked up window cover of the auto rickshaw.)
  6. That one moment when you praise someone and they want a genuine reason for why you thought so. (P.S. Patience of Amanpreet Kaur)
  7. That awesome moment when you make someone read part of your unpublished work. (Amanpreet Mam)

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