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Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Genuis Formula, Masterclass by Robin Sharma

The Genuis Formula, Masterclass by Robin Sharma

April 22, 2017:-
Lessons learned from Robin Sharma:
  1. People live their days on default. But you must plan your day.
  2. If people are not laughing, you are not dreaming big enough. (Lesson Credits: Robin Sharma)
  3. What's the point of being successful according to society but you are a failure according to your self. (Lesson Credits: Robin Sharma)
  4. Live the success in your own terms. 
  5. People die at 20 but are burried at 90.
  6. Geniuses is about your daily routines and your habits.
  7. What's the point of having strong mind without an open heart.
  8. Gap in teaching, is the reason that most people don't get traction.
  9. We take lessons only from mind but not by heart.
  10. All change is hard at first. It's messy in the middle and it's gorgeous at the end.
  11. Your day is your life in a miniature.
  12. As you learn more, you do more.
  13. Books, Conferences, Podcasts (Learning)
  14. Investing in yourself is a game changer.
  15. Idea without an implementation is an dilusion.
  16. Sweat more in training. Bleed less in War.
  17. Do not to go to sleep until you have spent 60 minutes learning. 

Initially he shared his personal story:-
In school, he did not receive many chances. He was doubted by people that he was not good enough for anything.

He was a law student but had to leave it.
5 Special Ideas:
Chapter 1: Heartset vs Mindset.

Some Special Ideas.

  1.  Daily Practice: Gratitude and Journaling.
Gratitude is the antitode to attitude.
Install a Deliberate Gratitude. Celebrate your bllessings by writing them.
Journalising helps you to release emotional tension.

2X/3X Mindset. Personal Mastery plus Professional Capabilities.
3. The 5 AM Club.
A disciplined way to start your day.
It takes 66 days to form a habit.
  1. The holy hour: An hour just for yourself.
  2. The 20/20/20 Formula Exercise/Think Journalising/Learning.

3. The 60 Minute Student: 
Listen to Podcast.
Attend a Webinar.
Go through an online course.

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