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Sunday, 30 April 2017

An Old Man Who Stood For His Right.

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An Old Man Who Stood For His Right.

“You charged Rs. 30”, enquired an old man, with a loud voice so that it could reach the Bus Conductor.
I was sitting next to Uncle, so I suggested him to count again, he put forward his hands in front of me, I took the Bus Ticket from his hands and said, “Uncle he charged you Rs. 25, and very soon he will return the remaining Rs. 5”
“Okay, actually the same happened with me today when I was travelling via Bus from Ludhiana, I gave Rs. 500 note to the conductor and after giving the ticket, the conductor went forward. When he came back, he handed over Rs. 55 to me by charging Rs. 45. I demanded to get the remaining Rs. 400 but the bus conductor did not agree that he took Rs. 500 from me. But I was certain because I was only having 1 note of Rs. 500. Fortunately, the passengers who were sitting by my side, supported me and helped me to recover the amount otherwise he might not have given me the amount, thinking that he could easily fool me for money. In addition, the driver also gave his consensus for returning the money to me”, an old man explained in detail.
“Finally, you were able to receive your money back!” I added.
“Yes, but the conductor did not play a whistle at my destined location due to which I had to spend another Rs. 15 on Rickshaw to reach at my destination.”, he replied.
Meanwhile the bus conductor handed over the remaining Rs. 5.
After collecting the money, uncle started sharing some food for thought with me, “I don’t know why people chat, I prefer to live my life with Honesty and Kindness. I still remember an incident of my past. I was travelling in a bus and I observed the bus conductor yelling at an old lady, ‘Why do you board the bus if you don’t keep the money with you’. I did not like the way he treated her so I went to her and gave Rs. 200 for her journey.”
I was really impressed by the incident he shared and wanted to explore him more.
“Why did you pay specifically Rs. 200? You could have simply bought her a bus ticket,” I asked.
“I wasn’t sure where she was headed to, so to keep her on a safer side, I did the same,” he replied.
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Bedi Ram”, he replied.

He further asked from me, “What do you do?”
As I told him about me, being a student, he immediately suggested me to do it in a well manner because you never know how much hard your parents work, to make you study.
I nodded to encourage him to speak more.
‘My grandson is also studying, he scored 5 marks’
I was surprisingly shocked by the information he shared so I asked him ‘out of how many marks?”
He told me that he will be giving an exam once again to go abroad for further studies.
By now, I was certain he was talking about IELTS and therefore, his grandson might take the exam once again to score good bands.
During this short 3-4 minutes conversation, he made a good impression on me so I asked my regular question, “How old are you?”
“65+”, he replied.
“Has the purpose of your visit to Ludhiana been fulfilled?” I asked.
“Yes, in a very good manner”, he replied, and withdrew his face towards the window to enjoy the nature.
In contrast, I gave back the attention to reading the remaining 5 pages of ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’.
Moral of the story: Whoa! Whoa! I don’t want to limit your imagination by giving one line moral of the story. Just read and share what you learned from it, in the comment below, so that we can all enjoy an opportunity of looking at one incident from different perspectives.
Keep Learning,
Keep Sharing,
Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood.

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