December 03, 2016 - A Day Spent With Love. - Things I Learned Today

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Friday, 9 December 2016

December 03, 2016 - A Day Spent With Love.

A Day Spent With Love.
Things I Learned Today:-
- That awesome moment when you start your day with honesty. (P.S. Mom I am going to B_____a.)
- It's amazing how day seems beautiful when you are on your way to see someone's smile.
- That hilarious moment when you are sitting in a bus and you wonder if every other passenger conspires to kidnap you until the end of the trip.
- Its funny that when you have free calling facility on your mobile, you call even when it is not required.
- That amazing moment when you come across an amazing customer service agent. (P.S. Thanks to that CCD employee for such a great cooperation.)
- That Awesome moment when you get extra privileges from the restaurant. (P.S. Thanks To McD Manager.)
- Express at the right time in a right manner to the right person. (Lesson Credits: D.G.)
- That one moment when you are the one she loves but still there are thousand thoughts that stop her.
- That lovely moment she says that she want to live and die with you.
- That one moment when you simply do what you want to do. (A hug)
- A day spent a with lovely person is a day spent wisely.
- That awkward moment when you have to say bye but you don't want to get apart.
- It's hard to trust people but we cannot simply stop trusting people. (Lesson Credits: Manish Kumar, an unknown boy in a bus who later gave me a lift to my destination from bus stand.)
- Its always better to tell at least few people about where you are going so that you are found in case of mishappening. (P.S. A story told by Manish about a friend of his friend.)
- Its always good to try something new every day or at least every week to get the hell out of your daily routine so that you never get bored. (Lesson Credits: Abhinav Sood)

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