December 02, 2016 - A Day When I Understood Job Interviews - Things I Learned Today

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Friday, 9 December 2016

December 02, 2016 - A Day When I Understood Job Interviews

A Day When I Understood Job Interviews:
Things I Learned Today (December 2, 2016) (From Personal Observation.):-
- Be Yourself. (Lol, that's so common, yet people hardly apply that.)
- You are never 'not so good' for the company, rather when you get rejected, it means either the company has realized that you deserve more, so you may leave it soon, or simply the better opportunity awaits for you.
- If asked for why you want to work for the company, never just praise the company, rather try to define how you are compatible for the same.
- If the same questions that were asked from previous candidates are asked from you, never ever repeat the same answers as well. Show your own creativity.
- Be Fluent in what you speak. That encourages your confidence level.
- If Interviewer is still asking you certain questions, right at this moment, you still stand a chance to get selected even though you have madde some mistakes, just for God sake, don't give up at this point.
- Speak: Staying quiet at this moment in the interview, won't solve your purpose, at all.

Other Things I Learned Today:
- That Awesome moment when you realize that the task that once seemed to be difficult for you has become a piece of cake after you have done it. (P.S. Taking attendance of candidates, thanks to that unknown girl for the tip.)
- In life, every day you will have two choices, a) To sit back at your home and do nothing, b) To get hell out in the real world and do everything you have always wanted to do. Choice is Yours. (P.S. Home Vs LPU.)
- That amazing moment when you try harder enough to get what you want. (P.S. A permission to go early to home.)

Kindly comment your learnings or tips about Job Interviews so that the people, who need them more, can get better benefits of the same.
Teachers, if possible, please verify the above lessons of Job Interviews and share your opinion.

I hope this helps,
Thanks & Regards,

Rohit Sood.

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