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Monday, 28 November 2016

Happy Birthday Likhit Sir

Happy Birthday Likhit Sir

Likhit Sir,
The Semester started in August 2016, just 4 months passed, yet the wisdom you shared with us carried the resemblance of around 4 years.
They say "Every day is a new beginning, and it brings immense opportunity to learn more and achieve more."
Well, I believe your lectures seemed like a new oportunity to explore new information in every class.
It sometimes, makes me feel that Quantitative Aptitude was always been an excuse to sit in your class and collect intellectual thoughts everytime we met you.
Deep inside your heart you also know that this letter can become endless if I start sharing every lesson that we learned from you.

All I can do, is to thank you for teaching us, not just the Aptitude but the ways to reach the Altitude of Success in our life.
I wish you a very Happy Birthday :-)
May God Bless You :-)
May all your wishes come true on this birthday.
Keep Learning :-)
Keep Teaching :-)
Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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