23-November-2016 - A Day Spent With Wisdom:- - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

23-November-2016 - A Day Spent With Wisdom:-

A Day Spent With Wisdom

Things I Learned On November 23, 2016:-
-          If You Try To Find Time, You Will Never Find It. To Succeed In Your Life, You Must Create Time. (Hritik Roshan)
-          Sometimes, It's Better To Reach Late At Some Places Because It Doesn't Really Matter. (Guest Lecture Vs One World.)
-          That Awesome Moments When You Meet School Students With A Brilliant Minds. (Gagan And Vikhyat.)
-          When It Comes To Happiness, You Cannot Depend On Anyone But You. You Have To Create It By Yourself. (Enjoyed One World Alone.)
-          Give People Smile, They Will Smile Back Broader. (One World Dance.)
-          When You Go Somewhere, Come Back Only After You Become Something. (Lesson Credits: Vivek Prajapati)
-          It Is Always Recommended To Write What You Learn.
Things I Learned From Yatish’s Guest Lecture:
-          Treat Problems As Opportunities.
-          Have The Targets That You Want To Achieve.
-          Plenty Of Information Confuses You.
-          To Succeed In Life, Look For “Bada Fayada” In Your Life.
-          If You Decide To Change Yourself, Change Right Now In This Moment. You Must Make Efforts In Every Minute.
-          Learn To Express Yourself.
-          Learn Now. Execute Now.
-          That Hilarious Moment When You Can't Let The Guest Speaker Speak, That He Has To Mention At Ultimately.

P.S. He told that he was hired as Marketing Trainee i.e. for direct sales. He reminded me of Gurjot Sir with his nature when I realized with his speech that people blame on sector but not the person who goes in that sector for the failure in that sector.
He also stated, “Nothing is wrong, it’s all about the perception. We never choose between wrong and right, rather we choose out of Right and More Right, once we select the More Right, the Right automatically changes into Wrong.”
He later gave an example of a person who died out of cancer just because he did not get proper cure from the doctor rather tried to focus on curing himself through google.
He suggested that we should listen to the instructions from lecturer as if we will have to teach the same to other people, this will help us to listen and understand the concepts taught to us.
In addition he taught the concept of CTT:
-          Camera
-          write a Test
-          Teach some.
That’s how an attention comes.
To my surprise, he gave an example on how 21 Days changing yourself rule does not bring any fruitful results.

Thank you for reading,
Rohit Sood

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