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Thursday, 6 October 2016

An Interaction With An Unknown Girl In A Bus.

An Interaction With An Unknown Girl In A Bus.

Most of you must have read about an article regarding, “An Unknown Girl Who Made Me Smile In A Bus.” So I came across one of those twin girls in a bus once again.

The story is as follows:

When I reached at Phagwara’s Bus Stand, I saw the bus had yet to arrive. However, I noticed one of the twin girls waiting at the Bus Stop. While I was walking towards the place where Bus Stops, I saw you a bus coming. The moment it reached the assigned area, I entered into it. It was completely vacant so I was having enough freedom to choose my seat. I settled myself at the long seat exactly on the left side of the driver’s seat and started waiting for her. I thought to myself that in case she also decides to sit exactly next to me, I will tell her about the incident which happened between her sister and me on that day. (For more details: )
Leaving the all seats vacant, she preferred to sit at the same long seat where I just settled down. As she was about to sit, I smiled and said, “Hello”. She smiled back and sat down.
Few seconds later, I turned my face towards her and said,” I did not know that you guys were twins.”

“We are not twins”, She replied.
“I know that there are certain differences which can be noticed easily”, I defended myself, equally agreeing with her as well.
“In fact, Bus Conductor also misujudged us many times.”, She continued.
I told her I remember about that as well, because on its previous day, I myself encountered that confusion.
She then, mentioned that her sister told many people about that incident which me and her sister had on that day. “You asked her about the twins thing?”, she raised a question to me.
I simply said No, rather did an acting of whole situation describing her about each detail thoroughly. In addition, I told her that I simply shared that situation by writing it.

Later I asked about her name, she told her sister’s name first and then her own. I was amazed by the situation that why she would tell her sister’s name first before even mentioning about hers.
She shared more details about it and said that she showed a visit to her sister’s tuition centre day before yesterday because it was her birthday day before yesterday, she spoke for around 30 seconds.
The moment she stopped speaking, I wished her belated Happy Birthday. “Thanks”, she replied.

We kept talking throughout our journey, until she reached her destination. We talked about their Education backgrounds, future plans and she asked about mine as well. (P.S. It was an unending conversation and hence it cannot be shared completely.)
When her village was about to come, I pulled out a book from my bag, and started reading it to pass my time for rest of my journey.
Meanwhile, Bus Conductor came at front and sat down at the seat between driver and our seat at center. While talking with the driver, he noticed me reading a book and said, “Lagta Hai Ab Hume Bhi Tuition Rakhni Padhegi”.
By his comment, I was certain that he actually said so because he noticed us talking throughout the journey which made him say so.

Few minutes later, her destination came and she walked out of bus, I continued reading a book.

Thank You for reading,

Rohit Sood

(P.S. Note: No Names can be shared in this story. Hope you understand.)

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