05-October-2016 - A Day Spent Chatting - Things I Learned Today

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Thursday, 6 October 2016

05-October-2016 - A Day Spent Chatting

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A Day Spent Chatting

Things I Learned On October 05, 2016:-

-          That One Moment When You Sense A Problem Faced By Someone, Yet Cannot Provide A Solution For The Same. (A Girl In A Bus.)
-          That Awesome Moment When You Don’t Give Up And Your Hard Work Pays. (VGA Connectivity In Excel’s Class.)
-          Your Nature May Not Be Similar To Other Normal People And It’s Perfectly Fine As Long As You Love Yourself With The Way You Are. (Likhit Sir’s Tutorial.)
-          That Hilarious Moment When You Are Being Sarcastic To Someone And They Take It Seriously. So You Become Even More Sarcastic. (Teasing Uncle.)
-          If You Are A True Believer Of Love, You Can Talk About For Long Hours.
-          Sometimes. In The Process Of Not Doing Something, You End Up Doing It. (P.S. That Way..)

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