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Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Biscuits Wrapper That Couldn't Fly In The Air

A Biscuits Wrapper That Couldn't Fly In The Air:-

Today Morning, as soon as I boarded an auto rickshaw from Phagwara, to go to Lovely Professional University, I saw two friends eating biscuits while sitting in an auto. I settled myself at the middle seat in it. Few kilometers passed when they finished the packet of biscuits. The guy who was sitting next to a door side, held the biscuits wrapper in the air with his hand with an intention to throw it out.
While he was still holding it, I felt as if he was wondering how much high the wrapper would fly in the air if he would let it go. However, I was thinking of the place where it would touch the ground in case he had left it.
At that time, I had only two choices;
A) To wait for him to leave the wrapper in the air, Or,
B) To take the wrapper from him and keep it on side pocket of my bag.
I chose the option (B) as my choice.
I gave him a gesture; denying him not to throw it, rather took a wrapper from him and kept it in my bag without saying a word.
That moment, he looked at his friend and then at me, and smiled while partly being surprised by my action.
I still didn't say anything nor smiled. (P.S. I felt he may be perceiving me as a crazy person, yet it didn’t matter because my heart was smiling for it thought that I actually embarrassed that guy.). I carried on with my preparation for an exam.
Few minutes later, As soon as we reached LPU, he thanked me while getting out of Auto-rickshaw.
"No Issue, That's Alright.", I replied
He smiled again.
"What's your name?", I asked.
"Kartik", he replied.
While I was making payment to a driver, He said,"Bye Bhaiya" and left.

From this incident I realized how a small action can make a huge difference at certain times. We learn and then unlearn. Few days later, we relearn those things. However, I can surely say that this small incident will have a great impact on his life. Before thinking to throw any wrapper just like that, he would remember this moment and do what is right.

Thank You for reading,

Keep Learning :-)
Keep Sharing :-)

Rohit Sood

(P.S. It’s funny that I took the wrapper from him to throw it later, in the nearest dustbin, yet it ended up reaching my home and finally in dustbin as I forgot to throw it throughout the day.)

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