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Friday, 30 September 2016

A Leadership Activity That Explored The Unexplored Out Of Me.

A Leadership Activity That Explored The Unexplored Out Of Me.

The lecture started when I requested Tanya Mam to allow Shubhraj to sit in the class, but she denied because of certain rules and regulations. However, I had an intuition that this tutorial was going to be interesting due to which I started wondering what Shubhraj was going to miss by not being a part of that class. Meanwhile Mam was done with taking attendances.

“I want all of you to remember any event of your past in which you acted as a leader and think of which kind of leadership traits you felt at that time and write 10 of them”, Mam began with the lecture.

By taking a complete interest in an activity, I took an empty page from my notebook and started thinking of my memories of the events in which I acted as a leader. Finally I chose NSS Winter Camp 2015 for the activity. I managed to write 10 different qualities that I showed on that camp as a leader. Before they were written on a notebook, I never knew that I actually possessed those qualities.

Later on, Mam suggested us to write the percentages of them in terms of what we currently have and what percentage exactly we want to have. By now, their proportion in me, was none of my concern because having them in me was enough motivation to stand up again and move forward with another optimistic step in my life.

Things I Learned In That Tutorial:
-          Some People Follow Rules And Regulations, Others Prefer To Do What They Feel Is Right.-          Sometimes, People Prefer To Dramatize Their Past Actions In Order To Motivate Other People.-          Ignore The People Who Are Not Happy With You. (Lesson Credits: Satveer)-          You Must Always Stay In Your Limits. Sometimes Your Sarcasm May Be Mistaken By Others.

I hereby thank Tanya Mam for organizing such a small but useful activity in a tutorial of 60 minutes.

Thank You for reading,

Keep Learning :-)
Keep Sharing :-)

Rohit Sood

(P.S. Clearly, this wasn’t really a big issue or situation to discuss, yet it is something that will be useful for me in future. If I ever feel that I don’t carry any ability or quality in me, I can come back to this post and remember those qualities that I wrote in that activity.)

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