26-September-2016 - A Day Spent Working - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

26-September-2016 - A Day Spent Working

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A Day Spent Working

Things I Learned On September 26, 2016:-

-          Do Your Work So Perfectly That People Don’t Stop Demanding Your Contribution In Any Work.
-          You May Want Something But Sometimes, It’s Just God Who Has A Different Plan For You. (PPT Or Technical Pc Room Setting, Or Both.)
-          If You Want To Fail, Procrastinate. In Contrast, If You Want To Succeed, Overcome Procrastination. (Preparation.)
-          If You Are Not Good At Something, Take Help. (Aptitude.)
-          Mostly, We Prefer To Tell Those Things To People Which Make Us Appear Different From Other People.
-          That Awesome Moment When You Run Your Day, Not The Other Way Around. (Shanti Devi Audi-Lectures-Shanti Devi-Upgrad.)
-          Sometimes, You Must Change Your Plans As Per The Given Circumstances. (Preparation On Next Day.)

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