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Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Cartoon Show That Taught Me A Lesson.

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A Cartoon Show That Taught Me A Lesson.

Today, when I sitting at one of my relatives' home, I noticed a channel, "Big Magic" running on television, however I was still busy with my mobile. Few moments later, a show "Tenali Ram Ke Kissey" began on it.

I did not pay much attention to it, rather continued using Jotterpad app on my mobile.
Few seconds later in the show, a King asked Tenali Ram whether it’s wrong to criticize the river behind him, for its dirty water that he looked on previous day.

Tenali Ram answered, "Of course, it is not right because the water that you watched yesterday has already gone away with the running stream to somewhere else, this is a fresh water and it will also go down the stream. Similarly, many people come in and go out of your life, but you must always keep moving forward in your life."

I was quite amazed to see how beautifully that scene was presented. Meanwhile, a narrator gave the following statement:

"Toh Bacho…, Jo Chala Gya Uske Liye Kyun Dukh Manaaye, Apna Jeewan Khushi Se Jiyo Aur Aage Barho."
Well, this was just a small scene that they showcased and later on, began with another. (P.S. May be that is what this show is all about, To share worthy lessons using short stories.).
Moreover, that moment I realized that there are huge number of sources through which we can inculcate deep perspectives in the minds of children so that they can live a better and prosperous life ahead.
In addition, I felt that seeing these types of cartoon shows, actually help the young children to understand the difference between good and bad in a very simple manner.
“It Is Not The Sources But Their Choice Makes All The Difference In The Learning Process.”
Thank You For Reading,
Keep Learning :-)
Keep Sharing :-)

Rohit Sood

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