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Sunday, 7 August 2016

A Journey Towards Courage Within 3 Seconds.

A Journey Towards Courage Within 3 Seconds.
August 06, 2016:-
It was the time when Mrs. Rashmi Mittal Mam was addressing the Freshers 2016 including me and she asked for 6 students to come forward out of the audience and share their experiences of the past two days in LPU.
I had a lot to say but was not getting the required guts to stand up and walk up to the stage.
However, I was convincing myself to be one of them, when I looked back in the audience and Vasudha was standing there, giving me a gesture that I must go. Within 3 seconds after that, I stood up and walked towards the stage with confidence.
I was already ready with what I wanted to say but we were told that we must be short and precise. Obviously, it was quite a difficult task for me to be short and crisp with my words. Lolz
When my turn came, I introduced myself,"Hello Friends, My Name is Rohit Sood."
I wanted to say," I Love this University so much that even though last year I passed out from this University, but still I couldn't resist myself to be a part of it, once again."
In contrast, I said, "First and Foremost, I want to thank this University because the courage that I got, to come from within the audience to here on front, I owe to this University."
As I said this line, I could sense the feeling of proud in Mam's smile, but I preferred to continue with my speech and complete it.
In the end, we were told that Mam would gift us the books and we must stay there only. Everyone got the novels or other self help books but for me, Mam picked up a different item and I was glad to have it. Though it was packed in a box but I could sense, it was a mug.
After coming back from the stage, I felt as if I am a different person. Had I not went there, I wouldn't have got what I got. May be that's why they say, "You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don't Take."
I thank Vasudha to give a little push that I required, to do what I did.
Thank you for reading.
Rohit Sood
(P.S. A Small Mug might not deserve a post of this length but until and unless I don't appreciate my small achievements, I won't be able to set myself up, to dream bigger.)

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